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Jeff Finley Sampler

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I zipped up a bunch of my content to make it easy to introduce yourself to my work. As a designer, author, musician, and coach there’s a lot! In 2013, I began a self-development habit that got me out of depression and into a new conscious lifestyle. I wrote two books about this process as well as hundreds of blog posts and a podcast.

This download includes:

  • Free chapters of my books and audiobooks
    • A few chapters and mp3s of my book Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life
    • Sample chapters and mp3s of my book Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry
    • Free chapters of my book Maker/Mistaker: From Depression to Awakening
  • 7 full episodes of the Maker/Mistaker Podcast
    • Interview with intuitive coach Gigi Young on finding your purpose and Starseeds (92 min)
    • Depression, Waking Up, and Personal Development (113 min)
    • Conversation with Jen and Omar of These Are Things about trying to be successful when you just want to make art (110 min)
    • Todd Acamesis interview about living a spontaneous and magical life through synchronicity and games
    • Discussion about Neil Strauss’ book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships with April Hannah (82 min)
    • Talking about Starseeds, Alien Frogs, and Channeling with the galactic faery Krista Raisa (67 min)
    • Interview with self-identified cult leader Unicole Unicron about her “spiritual” sex tape and more (89 min)
  • A collection of mp3s and videos from my music projects
    • 15 songs from my current music project Starbound Renegade
    • 6 songs from my band Campfire Conspiracy
    • Links to music/videos from BOXOMYLK, Parachute Journalists, and By Bread Alone
  • 14 illustration tutorials and design resources from the Go Media era (2006-2015)
    • Video Tutorials and Written Tutorials on the GoMediaZine
    • Free Sacred Geometry vector pack
    • Free Esoteric Alchemy Symbols vector pack
    • Links to my Creative Market shop
  • 8 wanderlust photos from my travels (free to use)
  • 10 interviews including the one I did with the Passive Income for Designer’s Podcast – March 2016 (89 min)
  • A short film titled Brentumentary about Brent Simon which got him YouTube famous in 2006 (you’ll see why)
  • Links to my complete design portfolio
  • Social media links and contact info


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