Synthwave / Pop Punk / Trap / EDM

The Music of Jeff Finley

I’ve been making music and playing in bands since 2000.
My influences are pop punk, retro synthwave, and EDM.

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Synthwave / Pop Punk (2016-current)

Starbound Renegade

Imagine a world where Stranger Things and Blink-182 collide. This is my current solo electronic music project. I’m influenced by pop punk, hip hop, retro video games and synthwave music. This is where I go to play and try out new ideas and have complete creative control over all aspects of the music. I compose the drums, melodies, and songs myself. Design and branding and music videos as well.


Pop Punk (2013-2015)

Campfire Conspiracy

I played drums and wrote the songs DistractedSecretsPreludeI’m Gonna Miss YouYou Won’t Find MeBack to the GrindI Wanna Know, and My Addictions. Other members were Scott Mumaw on guitar and lead vocals and Matt Witt on bass and backup vocals. We produced one full length album entitled Secrets. I was also responsible for the design and branding.

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Folk Punk (2009-2012)

Parachute Journalists

I played drums and wrote the song Heroes. I was also responsible for the graphic design and branding. Other members were Adam Wagner (lead vocals and songwriting) and Jeffrey Steinwachs (bass and writer of Andrew Jackson.). We played about a dozen shows including Weapons of Mass Creation Festival 2010. We released an EP and live record at WRUW in Cleveland.

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Chiptune / Synthpunk (2000-2016)


This is the alias that I used when I first began making music. I started with a drum simulator for Windows XP and then started using FL Studio 3 in 2001. It was insanely fun and I’d make my own beats and then take them to my friend’s parties and we’d practice breakdancing in the basement. The video below is from my final year in art school where I majored in Computer Animation. I designed, modeled, and animated the CGI breakdancer into the live action footage we shot. Yes that’s me breakdancing with it. The video also stars Bill Holtz, Ben August, Dan Haylett, and Jim Haylett and was shot at Case Western University in Cleveland in 2003-2004.

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Punk Rock (2007-2009)

By Bread Alone

This was my first band and the one where I learned to play drums for the first time. We were heavily influenced by DIY folk punk. Other members were Eugene Lin (lead vocals and guitar), Chris Petrie (guitar), and Jeffrey Steinwachs (bass). We played one show at Go Media with Two Hand Fools and Echoes of Harpers Ferry in Cleveland. This being my very first band, I learned a lot!

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