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Parachute Journalists band photo WRUW

Parachute Journalists

From 2009-2012, I had the pleasure of making music with my friend Adam Wagner and Jeffrey Steinwachs in a band we called Parachute Journalists. Formed in first floor of Go Media, a grungy warehouse space became our practice space. Adam worked at Go Media with me at the time and we started jamming after work and things clicked. We invited Steiny from my previous band By Bread Alone to play bass and we started writing songs.

Parachue Journalists band photo at WRUW

Adam wrote a lot of the lyrics, played guitar, sang lead vocals, and recorded and produced our music. I played drums and wrote the song Heroes. I was also responsible for the graphic design and branding. We played about a dozen shows including Weapons of Mass Creation Festival 2010. We released an EP and live record at WRUW in Cleveland.

Album Releases

Parachute Journalists band photo by Chris Casella

Live Photos

Art & Design

One of my favorite things about being in Parachute Journalists was being able to design our gig posters and cover art. Here are a few examples:

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