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Jeff Finley

👋 Hey there! I’m Jeff Finley.

I’m a graphic artist, author, and musician with a passion for personal growth. Check out my design & illustration work, read my books, shop my merch, download design resources, listen to my old podcast and various music projects. I’ve got an Etsy Shop, too. Cool.

I’ve been very online since the early 2000s and enjoyed a satisfying career as an artist and content creator. Always hustling, posting, creating, and reinventing myself. But around 2013, burnout and depression invited me to go inward and explore the depths of my emotions and psyche. It’s opened up a vast realm of inner exploration and healing that doesn’t cater well to posting online or being public about everything. I decided to leave social media in 2018.

Here’s what I’m into these days: Exploring the nature of reality, spirituality, consciousness, the mind, meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming, sovereignty, good and evil, empaths, narcissism, psychic development, intuition, divine masculine and feminine, Starseeds and ETs, shadow work, plant medicine, handpans, shamanism, near death experiences, reincarnation, the soul trap, trauma, OCD, mind control, the ego and identity, thoughts, gnosticism, mysticism, natural life vs technology, AI, transhumanism, conscious relationships, authenticity, truth, love, and freedom.

If any of this sounds exciting to you, feel free to reach out! I’m available for freelance design projects, art commissions, podcasting, music collaborations, or chats over coffee.