Starseed Fun Time

Starseed Fun Time

Float away with me

Float Away With Me

WMC Fest Poster

Fest 8 – Shirt Design

Campfire Conspiracy – Go Away

Elephant – Poster

I Got Brains Fest – Gigposter

Less Than the Air

Metavari poster

Metavari – Gigposter

Tales told in the moonlight

Tales Told in the Moonlight – Book Cover

Old Joy Poster

Parachute Journalists – Heroes

Paint the Stars – Candy Lettering

Paint the Stars

Paint the Stars – Skull Shirt

Skulls and Revolution

Skulls and Revolution

True Love Sticker

The Guns – Album Layout


Summer’s No Bummer

Embrace the Struggle

Alive at Night

Disciple Clothing

Disciple Clothing

216 Beatriders Logo

216 Beatriders – Logo

Berea Fest

Berea Fest – T-Shirt Design

Campfire Conspiracy logo

Campfire Conspiracy

Fest 9 – Shirt Design

campfire conspiracy

Campfire Conspiracy – Album Art

Futuralbum AFI

Futuralbum – AFI

Phase 6 poster

Phase 6 – Movie Poster Design


Illustration Tutorial

Open Yoga Gallery

Sacred Geometry experiment

Astral Exploration

Signals Midwest – Light on the lake

The Famous – CD Layout


Pyknic – Tawdry Hepburn T-Shirt Design

Find the Cure

Cure Apparel – T-Shirt Design

Taking Back Sunday – T-Shirt Design

One Good Reason – Poster



Fest 7

Fest 7 – Shirt Design

Phenomena – T-Shirt Design

Tough or Suffer

Tough or Suffer – Lettering

Thread’s Not Dead – Bookmarks

Thread’s Not Dead Book

close your eyes

Close Your Eyes – T-Shirt Design

Cellar Door rendezvous poster

Cellar Door Rendezvous – Gigposter

Cherry Cola Champions – Album Art

Catfish with Falcon Wings

Catfish with Falcon Wings – DVD Cover

Bad Racket

Bad Racket – Shirt Design

book of lions

Book of Lions – Lettering

Bold is Beautiful

Bold is Beautiful – T-Shirt Design


Caliban – Skull T-Shirt Design

Killer Brigade – Biker Dude

Skull Girl

Killer Brigade – Skull Girl

Ten Lives by Parachute Journalists

Parachute Journalists Ten Lives

Devil Slayer

Disciple Clothing – Devil Slayer

Cult Films Poster

Cult Film Series Poster

Parachute Journalists poster

Parachute Journalists – Buried in the Past


Hellements Logo

Parachute Journalists - Umbrella Girl

Parachute Journalists – “Umbrella Girl” Poster



Fate poster

Fate Poster



Bridge and Tunnel

Bridge and Tunnel

Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine

Beauty is a Black Hole

Beauty is a Black Hole

Parachute Journalists - Arrhythmia

Parachute Journalists – Arrhythmia

Parachute Journalists - Andrew Jackson

Parachute Journalists – Andrew Jackson

Parachute Journalists - 24th of January

Parachute Journalists – 24th of January

Paint the Stars

Paint the Stars – Zombie Nurse

Year of the Beard

Year of the Beard

Vietnam Werewolf

Vietnam Werewolf



Stolen Parts album cover

Stolen Parts

Signals Midwest – Latitudes & Longitudes

Shake the Lake

Shake the Lake

Pop Skull

Pop Skull

Parachute Journalists - Questioning

Parachute Journalists – Questioning

Parachute Journalists Moonlike

Parachute Journalists – Moonlike

Disciple Clothing - Revivalist

Disciple Clothing – Revivalist