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Personal GrowthPodcast

Self-Exploitation, Creativity, and Capitalism

I was recently a guest on a new podcast from Brianna of She offered up the initial premise of balancing a creative vs practical lifestyle and it turned into quite an in-depth conversation with big picture themes. This was so much fun to do. I love talking about this stuff. It was an honor to be Brianna's first guest…
Jeff Finley
March 9, 2022
EsotericLove & Relationships

Can Spirituality and BDSM Exist Together?

I received a very thoughtful question from one of my readers about spirituality and its relationship with sex, kink, and BDSM. I thought I'd share the exchange (with permission) for others to see. Maybe it can provide some insight. Her Question: Hi Jeff! My name is . I live in . I am a wife and mom and also a…
Jeff Finley
September 15, 2020
Personal Growth

The Magic of Feeling Your Feelings

If there was ever a shortcut to personal/spiritual growth, feeling your feelings is it. But ironically, avoiding our actual feelings is what gets many of us on the personal growth path in the first place. We feel bad for whatever reason, so we start looking for ways to feel better. Once we've identified the external cause of our suffering, we'll…
Jeff Finley
March 30, 2020
Personal Growth

What it’s Like Having a Non-24-Hour Sleep Schedule

I've been going to bed and waking up later and later every day. Eventually I'll be going to bed when the sun comes up and waking up when it's dark out. This will continue until I'm eventually back in sync with the "normal" sleep/wake schedule for a week or two. Then it's back to being nocturnal. It wasn't always this…
Jeff Finley
December 25, 2018

Maker/Mistaker Audiobook Released

In 2013 I started a blog called Maker/Mistaker to write about my self development journey. What started with me opening up about my depression led to a mind-blowing journey of self-development, spiritual awakenings, astral projection, and healing. I closed the blog in 2016 to work on other things and moved all my articles to my site. But here's the…
Jeff Finley
April 1, 2018
Personal Growth

It Feels Like Things are Coming to an End

This past month has been like a 180 from wherever I thought I was going. In my last post, I was talking about becoming a professional cuddler or sexual healer. Well, that's not happening any time soon and I'm not really that interested anymore. It's like the enthusiasm suddenly vanished over the past month and a half. I've found myself much…
Jeff Finley
September 26, 2016