Traveling in Ireland

Traveling in Ireland

Jeff Finley is an artist, designer, author, musician, and creative entrepreneur. He was a partner at the design firm Go Media from 2006-2014 and founded Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in 2010. Over the past decade he has lived life based around his passion to create and inspire others.

He wrote Thread’s Not Dead in 2010 which helped thousands of up and coming t-shirt designers launch their clothing companies. Jeff got his start by designing album covers, posters, and merchandise for bands and has launched several design related businesses while working at Go Media. He founded Weapons of Mass Creation, a design conference and music festival in 2010 as a way to bring together his passion for music, art, and DIY entrepreneurship.

Growing up in the DIY punk and folk music scene, Jeff became very attracted to the DIY ethos and the sense of authenticity and heart behind the music. He started three bands including By Bread Alone, Parachute Journalists, and Campfire Conspiracy. This passion has bled into all facets of his life. He also has been making electronic music under the alias Boxomylk (2000-2016) and now Starbound Renegade (2016-current).

In 2013, Jeff admitted he was going through depression despite having achieved a lot of his goals. He started waking up early to focus on his own personal development which led to a spiritual awakening and a sense of greater purpose. This inspired him to quit his job and begin a path focused on personal growth and fulfillment. He blogged and podcasted about his journey from 2013-2016 and has published a book about it called Maker/Mistaker. He also wrote Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life to inspire others to make time for their own personal development.

Jeff Finley of Starseed Supply Co. in Austin, TX

Tabling at Coexist Fest in Austin, TX in 2016

Selected Clients

Warner Bros Records, Sony Music, Nike, Lincoln Electric, Bravado USA, American Greetings, Adobe, Computer Arts Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Cleveland Cinemas, Spice of Life, Muse Content Group, Kelly Green Web, Coca Cola, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Pepsi, Gym Class Heroes, Signals Midwest, Stolen Parts, Bridge and Tunnel, Caliban, Disciple Clothing, Declaration Clothing, Paint the Stars, All City Media.