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Peaceful Alarm Ringtones for iPhone & Android – Set of 3


I made these 3 original alarm ringtones for you to wake up peacefully and joyfully. In .mp3 format.

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  1. Dreamy Haze
  2. Beach Bop
  3. For Elz

These songs were produced by myself and imbued with loving and positive intention to give you a peaceful and calm wake up experience.

They are MP3 format and can be set as your alarm tone on Android and iPhone.

It’s vitally important that we wake up peacefully with positive intention. Don’t waste your mornings! Set the intention to wake up and affirm that you are an amazing person and when you hear these sounds, they will remind you of that fact.

How to Use:

On my iPhone, I can choose any song in my iTunes as a custom alarm. For Android I’m sure it’s similiar. Consult your devices manual or Google for “how to set mp3 as alarm on _________” Fill in the blank with your mobile device.




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