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Aged Black Cardboard Textures

New Release: Aged Black Cardboard Texture Pack – Volume 1

Hey friends, it’s been a minute, but I’m back with something special that’s been brewing in my closet since 2004. Remember that black cardboard shipping box from legendary filmmaker David Lynch? Yeah, the one that delivered me the collector’s edition DVD version of his classic film Eraserhead? Well, guess who still has it? Yours truly!

Aged Black Cardboard Textures - Inspired by David Lynch's Iconic Shipping Box from 2004

I know it may not seem like a big deal (it’s really not) but I managed to make something cool and useful out of it for you. If you’re a designer, you just might find this a useful addition to your texture collection.

I’ve watched this simple black shipping box age gracefully, collecting memories, scratches, and creases as it moved from house to house. Recently, it hit me—I could share this vintage charm with all of you. So, after a bit of scanning and some designery magic, I present to you the Aged Black Cardboard Texture Pack, Volume 1.

Get Creative, Get Nostalgic: Download Now!

Ready to transform your designs with a touch of enigmatic Lynchian flair? The download includes 2 JPGs, 2 PSD templates, and 2 PNGs with transparent backgrounds—748 MB of gritty goodness.

Happy creating!

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