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Aged Black Cardboard Textures


Give your designs some corrugated grit with these black cardboard textures, inspired by the 2004 iconic shipping box from legendary filmmaker David Lynch. Super easy to use. Includes 2x hi-res textures and a ready-made Photoshop template with more options.

  • 2 High Res Textures Included
  • PSD, JPG, and PNG format
  • 5380 × 7069 px or 18″ x 24″ at 300 DPI
  • 748 MB – Download ZIP file instantly

Aged Black Cardboard Textures – Vol 1

Add instant grit, grain, and grunge to your designs with these Aged Black Cardboard Textures. inspired by the iconic black cardboard shipping box from legendary filmmaker David Lynch. I got this box in the mail and in it contained the classic film Eraserhead on DVD and also his short films. I’ve had it sitting in my closet since 2004.

Aged Black Cardboard Textures - Inspired by David Lynch's Iconic Shipping Box from 2004
Actual photo of the shipping box I’ve had since 2004

I loved how it has aged. I liked how the distressed details emerged in nearly 20 years being moved around from house to house, gathering dust and accumulating scratches and creases. Then one day it occurred to me that I could totally scan it and turn these lovely details into usable textures for designers. So I did.

This unique collection pays homage to Lynch’s distinctive aesthetic while giving a nod to 70s and 80s horror and sci-fi films. The textures are meticulously crafted from high-resolution scans and perfected by hand to offer you a versatile addition to your grunge texture library. Works best on artwork with dark color palettes.

Aged Black Cardboard Textures - Example Image 1
Instantly make your designs look aged and worn!

Key Features:

1. David Lynch-Inspired Authenticity: Infused with the essence of a shipping box from the David Lynch HQ in 2004, these textures carry a cinematic mystique that adds a layer of intrigue to your designs. Perfect for those seeking a touch of avant-garde sophistication with the grittiness of hardcore punk and metal music.

2. Versatile Design Potential: Tailored for dark backgrounds, these textures are a seamless fit for film and music poster designs, packaging, album covers, merchandise, and social media graphics. Elevate your projects with a touch of cinematic history.

3. High-Resolution Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-resolution scans and perfected by hand, these textures offer exceptional quality. The download includes 2 layered PSD files for ultimate control plus the original high-resolution JPGs and PNG files with transparent backgrounds, providing you with the flexibility to integrate them seamlessly into your projects.

4. PNGs with Transparent Backgrounds: For those who want to add a color overlay to the texture that doesn’t use blending modes.

5. Optimal Resolution: With a resolution of roughly 18″ x 24″ at 300 DPI, these textures can be used in any Photoshop version or equivalent.

6. Personal and Commercial Use: Feel free to use these in commercial projects for clients or merch, but do not resell or distribute the actual textures.

Aged Black Cardboard Textures - Example Image 2
Can be used in Landscape Mode or Portrait Mode

Ideal for:

  • Film and Music Poster Designs
  • Packaging Design
  • Album Covers
  • Merchandise Design
  • Social Media Graphics


Quick and Easy. Open one of the textures in Photoshop (or equivalent) copy/paste it on top of your artwork and set the blending mode to “screen” or “overlay”. Resize to fit and adjust to your liking. Done.


Or open up the PSD template to get more options like masking and color adjustments. Paste your art underneath the texture area and fiddle with the viability of the different layers to your liking.

  • 5380 × 7069 px
  • 18″ x 24″ at 300 DPI
  • 2x JPG images included
  • 2x PSD Templates included
  • 2x PNG with transparent backgrounds
  • 748 MB – Download ZIP file instantly


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