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Starbound Renegade - Polarized

New Starbound Renegade Album “Polarized” Released

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all – my new album “Polarized” is officially out! This is the third full album from my solo music project Starbound Renegade, produced from 2016-2021. Many of the songs have already been released as singles, but there are 6 new songs that I’m eager for you to hear.

These songs came together by me re-imagining my favorite pop punk riffs in my own synthwave style, using the tools at my disposal (basically just FL Studio and 3rd party VSTs). I’m influenced by early 2000s pop punk, emo, metalcore, video game music, and retro synthwave.

It started with me wondering what made the songs I liked so likable? How were they made? I spent hours and hours dissecting and figuring it out, recreating parts, understanding the music theory, combining sections from different songs, remixing, mashing it up, and trying to create a cohesive track out of all my experimentation. Some songs are straight up covers, like the Akon track, and Speedrun, which borrows riffs from AFI and combines it with Lisa Loeb’s “Stay.” Weird combo I know. But hey, I’m just learning as I go and trying not to take myself too seriously. Enjoy!

You can pick up the album on all major streaming platforms, or get it on my Bandcamp page.


Thank you all for your support, it means the world to me.

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