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We Should Be Working Podcast episode 11 - Sexual Healing and Healthy Masculinity Outside of Work and Women

Sexual Healing and Healthy Masculinity Outside of Work and Women | WSBW 11

Zach and Jeff continue to discuss Jeff’s time in Austin and his decision to go backpacking in Europe for 3 months In 2017. They discuss Jeff’s fleeting aspirations to be a professional cuddler and sexual healer, touching on topics like The Red Pill, Manosphere, and a healthy masculinity outside of women and work.

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Topics Referenced in this Episode:


00:00 Intro
00:42 Jeff’s Journey in Austin: Cuddle Parties and New Age Experiences
09:03 Reevaluating Professional Cuddling and Exploring Sexuality
12:28 The Final Boss of the Sexual Healing Journey
15:19 Jeff’s Trip to Europe
38:02 Exploring Masculinity and The Red Pill
54:30 Work Taking a Backseat, Guilt, and Over-Responsibility
01:17:30 Inspirations of the Week

Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

Jeff is a graphic artist, designer, musician, writer, and mystic with a passion for truth and personal growth. He's the author of Wake Up, Maker/Mistaker, and Thread's Not Dead, as well as the creator of Starseed Supply Co. Learn more about him here.

Articles: 255
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