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Dealing with Negative Emotion – My Experience with Soul Retrieval

A week or two ago I had “Soul Retrieval” session with shamanic healer Kelly La Sha. Kelly is a spiritual teacher that I discovered through the Super Woo Radio podcast by George Kavassilas. If you want to get into some mind-expanding stuff, I would check it out, but keep an open mind and heart.

A Soul Retrieval is a type of meditation that helps you trace back your emotional wounds to their original source so you can heal them. As you know, I’ve been going through depression the past few years and have found various means of coping and dealing with it. After my spiritual awakening last June, I no longer consider myself depressed. But I still suffer from negative emotions that seem to bubble up out of nowhere or I’m easily triggered into some sort of upset reaction.

From Kelly’s website,

Throughout my years of counseling individuals through depression and anxiety, I have found that they consistently stem from a stifled soul. Depression is a direct reflection of a soul not being allowed to fully and freely express its purpose. Stored conscious and unconscious fear is the only thing that keeps us from such freedom of expression. In my private healing sessions, we energetically release your fear which is quite different from a therapy session. Therapy usually remains in the cognitive realm with the approach of thinking your way through healing. Feeling your way through healing is far more effective and significantly faster than cognitive therapies. In addition, my private sessions focus on teaching you how to use the Liquid Mirror tools on your own so that you can practice them on a daily basis to continue your path to wholeness on a daily basis – the true path of Mastery and Self-Sourcing.

In my personal development journey, I’m becoming less afraid of dealing with my negative emotions. In fact, I’m beginning to embrace them. Because they literally are gifts that show you the areas that you can work on.

Embracing Negative Emotions

When most people experience negative emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness, or boredom, they often reach for a vice like coffee, food, cigarettes, video games, television, internet, etc. Or they might go try to feel better by talking to another person or taking out their anger on someone else.

Just this past week or so I’ve learned to notice when I do that. Instead of  trying to “feel better” I will sit with the negative emotion and really feel it. I am allowing this negative emotion to really express itself within me and I’m acting as a container for it. I often talk to it like it’s an child that’s upset or hurt and I’m here to comfort it. Allow it to express itself. Don’t resist it. Don’t tell it that it’s bad. That’s part of the reason for your suffering.

The Inner Child

The inner child is a key part of Soul Retrieval. While I’m not well-versed in the history or its exact definitions, I do know the basics. We all suppress various emotions throughout our life. Say when you were a kid and you were yelled at for being bad. After several times or a really traumatic experience, chances are you stopped doing what you would naturally do so you would win the approval of the adults in your life. You were a “good boy” or “good girl” if you stayed quiet and stopped bothering the adults. But we turned out shy and afraid to speak our minds because we thought we might offend someone. Therefore we suppress an aspect of ourselves. The Soul Retrieval process goes back and finds those suppressed emotions. It would be characterized by your inner child for example.

How My Session Worked

In my session, Kelly guided me through a 60 minute meditation. At first she calmed me down by focusing on breathing and relaxing any tension. Then she had me imagine in my mind’s eye a tree. She would have me describe what I saw. We then imagined a hole opening up in the Earth and we would travel into it all the way to the core to an underground river. This would go on as we both described for eachother what we saw and how we felt.

Describing how I felt was key because emotions are felt. In order to heal, we must be aware of our emotions and how they feel in the body. So I would report back to her the sensations I was getting along the way.

This would continue until we reached a cave with a gatekeeper. She had me ask the gatekeeper for admission and inside were four chambers. The first chamber was the chamber of wounds – this is where my inner child sat alone. She had me describe what I saw and how I felt. Of course, my inner child was scared, sad, lonely, and fearful. She had me talk to it and comfort it and describe what was happening.

It’s kind of interesting how it started of with me imagining things on purpose, then as we got deeper into the meditation, the visuals kind of took over and I just simply reported back to her what I was seeing. It’s like I was having a vivid daydream. I was fully awake, but definitely in an altered state of consciousness.

So anyway, I comforted and talked to my inner child for a while until he started feeling better. He got excited and wanted to show me something. He would grab my hand and egg me on to follow him outside to show me all this cool stuff he was into. I obliged and allowed myself some time to play with him. I felt myself acting compassionate and loving toward my inner child and it was amazing how my emotions started to change.

I would ask my inner child questions, like “what is the source of your pain?” or “What do you need from me?” And often if you just sit back and wait for an answer, the child will tell you. It’s weird how it happens! But sometimes the child doesn’t know how to verbalize what he wants, but he could communicate to you through feelings or imagery that pops up in your minds eye.

From this you can discover the source of your original fear or trauma that causes you suffering today. Often the child feels abandoned or not good enough. Now is your chance to hold your inner child and validate its existence. I told mine I would never abandon him ever again. That he’s perfect the way he is and I love him dearly.

Doing this actually brought tears to my eyes. That’s a good sign that there is something good happening!

There was a lot more to the Soul Retrieval session than just this.  Such as visiting three other chambers, discovering your Power Animal, etc. It’s a very deep and personal process. It’s time you dedicate to yourself. It’s your inner sanctum and your own world you can visit often.

By the end of it, my chest area was buzzing with loving energy and I felt high. I felt weak in the knees and couldn’t keep myself from smiling and laughing. It was incredible!

I’d go into more detail about the rest of it, but it would make for a really long article. If you’re interested in more, contact me and let me know!

I have since done a couple more solo meditation sessions where I visited my “Inner Sanctum” and four chambers. I’d revisit my inner child and other aspects of my self deep within. At one point I even felt lifted up into outer space where my soul family was congratulating me on my progress and they were so excited for me. It literally brought me to tears and I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was astonishing!

I came out of the meditation and wiped my tears away feeling on top of the world and full of gratitude. My skeptical mind asked “is this real what I’m seeing?” And Kelly answered, “Imagination is reality. It’s the source for all creation. In the West, our imaginations have been stifled.”  Not sure if those were her exact words, but it didn’t matter if what I was seeing was “real” because I felt it. It definitely changed me. I know I am connecting with a deeper aspect of my self that I have never touched before. My heart sings and fills me with love and that’s the state I want to be in.


Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

Jeff is a graphic artist, designer, musician, writer, and mystic with a passion for truth and personal growth. He's the author of Wake Up, Maker/Mistaker, and Thread's Not Dead, as well as the creator of Starseed Supply Co. Learn more about him here.

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