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Hey friend, I just got back in from being outside in my car after midnight in the rain – recording a podcast! This episode is just me talking about what I’ve been interested in the past few weeks. I’ve been reading a lot about manifesting money as well as The Red Pill.

When a man wants advice on dating or relationships, where does he go? His parents? His friends? The internet usually. And if you do any searching for this, you’re sure to run across the PUA (pickup artist) scene and The Red Pill. Both are large, community driven groups aimed at helping men have more success with women. Both have been criticized for being crass, manipulative, and misogynist. But I found myself endlessly curious and it took up a large part of my reading this month.

Find out what I think in this episode of the Maker/Mistaker Podcast. I talk about healing my inner Alpha as well as my curious look into the BDSM community and The Red Pill

Topics Covered in this episode:

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