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Monroe Institute

I Took a 5-Day Out of Body Exploration Class at The Monroe Institute (ep 13)

In this episode of the Maker/Mistaker Podcast, I talk about my week at The Monroe Institute where I was enrolled in the 5-day Out Of Body Exploration Intensive workshop taught by William Buhlman. It was quite an experience. Listen to the episode to hear the story!

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  1. Hi Jeff, thank you for this podcast! I got to this post via a bunch of synchronicities only now, even though I’ve subscribed to your newsletter for quite some time. I revisited your site after talking to a friend about OBE, and I’ve been interested in the Monroe Institute for a long time so I thought I’d listen to your podcast. But then you talked about the Homecoming book, and that is so relevant to what is building up energetically in my life. Even this week I’ve talked intensively about this subject, so I see this as another sign. Guess I’ll be getting that book! Small question: your link goes to an audiobook by Belva Plain, which, judging from the reviews, seems different from John Bradshaw’s actual book. Is that actually the audiobook you listened to, or is the link outdated?
    Loved the rest of your podcast too, I feel we have a lot in common ;-).
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Rikkert, glad you enjoyed the podcast. Oh I didn’t realize I was linking to the wrong book, thanks for catching that. I updated the post. John Bradshaw’s Homecoming is a must read!

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