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homer simpson having an OBE

Out of Body Experiences – All in Your Head? (podcast)

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Pillowtok podcast by Gossipist discussing out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. It was a lively discussion and we get into whether or not these things are “real” or not and I share some tips on how you can try to have one and find out for yourself.

Listen to the interview here →

You may have read my post about my first out of body experience. Since then I’ve had over 50 OBEs and lucid dreams. With practice, I was able to learn to have them at will.

Well, almost.

I can’t just say the magic words and *poof* I’m out of my body. The technique isn’t hard, it just takes focus, intent, and an open mind. Practically speaking, it’s a variant of the Wake Back to Bed Method.  I call it my FUCK IT Method. Not kidding.

I would try these techniques and nothing would work. Then I’d say “fuck it” and roll over and go back to sleep. Then somehow, when my body entered the proper state between waking and sleeping (sleep paralysis, vibrational state), my conscious awareness turned back on and as long as I didn’t move, I could sink through the bed, float up and out, or roll out. Then I was literally standing next to my body. From there I could leave the bedroom, go outside, or do whatever I wanted.

There is no question what I experienced was real. But what does “real” mean anyway? That’s a question that certainly came up for me and later inspired me to explore and research consciousness and the nature of reality.

Conscious Out of Body Exploration

It took me several weeks, lots of research, and quite a few attempts to try to have a conscious out of body experience. But once I did, I felt like I cracked the Da Vinci Code. A whole new world opened up.

Read about one of my craziest out of body experiences here.

I’ve been able to consistently have these out of body experiences enough where I now have goals or ideas of things to *do* while out of body. Now, whether you believe this is a literal “out of body” experience or “all in your head” experience, it’s still an experience. It’s a state of reality you can explore and experiment with.

Stuff I’ve tried in my out of body state:

  • Walking through walls
  • Flying
  • Sex
  • Meditation
  • Remote viewing
  • Using thought to make change things
  • Looking in the bathroom mirror
  • Traveling THROUGH the bathroom mirror
  • Talking to people
  • Visiting my neighbors
  • Trying to experience my spiritual essence

I plan on using out of body experiences to explore my inner self. In my opinion, this is one path to get answers to life’s deepest questions by going within. It’s not reliant on any religious text, dogma, or protocol. I get to seek my own answers, experiment with my own consciousness and come away with it knowing what works for me and me alone.

Out of body travelers, lucid dreamers, and astral projection practitioners are the modern-day Marco Polos. We are explorers of inner space, much like astronauts and astronomers were explorers of outer space.

And since we are literally fractals of the universe, we can explore the universe by going within. There are infinite possibilities.

But don’t just believe me or take my word for it. Try it for yourself. 

If you’ve ever had flying dreams, dreams where you realize you are dreaming, sleep paralysis, night terrors, or sleepwalking experiences, you are already halfway there. It only takes conscious intent, curiosity, and a desire to learn. You will get there.

Again, here is the interview.

Please share your experiences in the comments!

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