My friend took me to a palm reading event on Monday as sort of a birthday present. I turned 34 on June 6 (shoutout to my fellow Geminis!). The palm reader looked at my hands and was taken aback.

She called everyone else over too look at my palms and said I was a rare exception to the typical palmistry archetypes. She confirmed that yes, I am indeed “not of this world!”

She said I had a “simian line” on not one, but both of my hands and that it’s extremely rare. Essentially it’s where the head and the heart line are merged and it’s hard to separate logic and feelings. It’s also called a Simian Crease. It’s often associated with being a mystic, visionary, guru, or leader (best case) and a socially awkward outcast or crazy person at worst. It’s also been associated with down syndrome and monkeys. If you have a simian line, you’re either a genius or insane if you believe what you read on the internet. As if I needed yet another reason to think I’m a special!

Double Simian Line

Here’s a picture of me pointing out my two Simian Lines

I haven’t been able to find much satisfying information online. I want to follow my curiosity and explore palmistry further and see what all the other lines of my palms have to tell me. I think it’s fascinating!

What I do know is that I have a very strong heart and strong mind. They really do feel linked. I cannot tolerate working on something that does not actively engage my heart and my mind. I have to feel like it’s aligned with my truth. And what feels true for me is very particular. I find myself driven more by intuition rather than logic but I tend to over analyze and process my feelings mentally. And you all know I love talking about my feelings and my emotional processes!

I found out one of my close friends has a simian line on one of her hands. And see all sorts of incredible markings on other hands I’ve looked at. It’s amazing how different we are and the stories they tell.

The way I felt after getting “diagnosed” with a simian line was quite uplifted and inspired. To be honest, I really do think I’m a visionary with a purpose in this life. My ego wants to take ownership of this idea and use it to feel special and important. But what feels more true for me is that I am simply a conduit for a bigger purpose that is beyond little ole me. I know that I’m here to bring more love and healing to the planet. To hold space for the shift in human consciousness. To usher in the new world and be a leader in my own unique way. Really, my purpose is just to be true to myself and follow my heart and not what other people say.

I know everyone has their unique purpose, and that’s what is so fun about self discovery and self actualization. You get to tap into your own specialness and super powers. Don’t buy into the notion that you’re not special or worthy. That’s just a lie to keep you from being your full potential.

I’m curious to know if any of my readers has a simian line or is familiar with palmistry. What do your palms say about you?


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  • Alicia says:

    I have a more-so “unique simian than you,…. I can’t find a single print near the same…., maybe it is worth mentioning that I’ve had recurrent vivid dreams that seem to come to show FACE…. often. More so in my adult life/recently. It scares me so much, bc these awful dreams are for the most part VERY negative involving my children and husband, how can I get rid of them??? Please help!!!

  • Alicia says:

    Also another side note, the last awful vivid dream I had….—->> without the details…. my husband was driving in MY car with our two children…. when suddenly they flew off the road turning nasty flips ending in complete devastation! End product…… my husband lost his life and my children were permenantly scarred….. but thankfully eventually ok! Me… I was not with them. Next morning (bout 6 hours later) I told my husband upon weakening that I had an awful dream…. he asked what about?….. I lied. Said I didn’t remember…. yet I immediately wrote my understanding cousin and told her all about it! POOF…. low and behold…. soon as the message was sent to my cousin,….. I got a devistating call!! My husband and toddler had in FACT been in a car accident!!! Thankfully they were both ok,….. killed a deer but alright….! To this day, I still don’t understand the ways karma/fate strikes the good people,…. (this was 5 weeks ago),….. and also dunno if it was the dream or the fact that I refused to let our new baby go to the librarary in “MY CAR” w daddy (hid the keys in fear)…… or shear destiny…… but whatever it is/was most recently…… I am just thankful to still have my family alive and thriving!

    • Sin says:

      HI Allicia, nice to meet you, may I ask when is your date of birthday? I am double simian line too, same with Jeff.

      • J says:

        I have on both hands too. And have never met anyone with the same. I wonder how many exactly we are.

      • Cason Frei says:

        I too have a simian crease on both hands. The things I’ve read are so spot on it’s scary.
        I was a self made millionaire by the time I was 22. I was excessive and eccentric, I earned & wasted fortunes Multiple times. My life story is a an entertaining movie at worst. Mind-blowing.

        • Frank says:

          Hi Jeff, Cason, J, Sin, And Alicia, thank God I finally found other people like me.
          I also have the double simian in both hands, no site online is saying anything meaningful. Perhaps you could all help me understand this things.
          I am Frank, you can reach me on

          I really like to know more…

  • Alicia says:

    Again I beg you….. if there is a solution to this “dream state”…. please dear GOD let me know! At this point I’m in a whole scared to sleep, it’s taking its toll! Please help!!!

    • Jeff Finley says:

      Seems like your scary dreams are trying to get your attention! What would a higher aspect of yourself be trying to tell you about your life right now? If your dream was sending a helpful message (disguised as a terrifying dream), what would it be?

      • Edi says:

        Hello Jeff, I have just read your article and really enjoyed it. I too have a simian line on both hands and so does the guy I am currently dating! What I really want to explore the sexual chemistry. It is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced and really feel it has something to do with our double simian line! I can’t find anything online about this! I was wondering if you or anyone can help me to understand this further.

    • Chuck says:

      You have a gift not a curse,have you not had other dreams that came true?

  • Carrier of the gifted Curse says:

    I am a Virgo Sim. I have dove very deeply in this construct and feel us Sims are a type of “keeper of ancient job” maybe not a keeper but to take what is handed to us and to “apply our gift” to this thing that is handed to us cause we may not “keep” whatever this is. We are witnesses and there are 12 of us that sit in this circle with 3 gate keepers. Being here is a gift that is not “ours”. I’m thankful to see all the smiles and to hear the laughter. We are passengers on this Train. Not everyone can mentally handle the truth and is our Job to keep it Vield for “HIM”. Thank you Father, Amen.

  • Vincent Cruz says:

    I have simian lines on both of my palms. It’s cool to see another person who also has simian lines on both palms. My palms almost look like mirror image of each other if you compare the prominent creases. I can see your right hand clearly in the photo and the prominent lines look a lot like mine haha. The description of people with simian lines are spot on. I wish I know someone who is an experr on palm reading. It’s just interesting.

  • Saritha says:

    I just chanced upon an article that spoke about Simean lines and realised I have them on both palms. Still trying to understand what it means.

  • Greg says:

    My understanding of a simian line on both palms is the person was born with the ability to cognitively understand and decipher emotions of other people “empathy” and they never lost the ability to feel others emotions and understand them, and a person that hase a simian line on only the left or subordinate palm was borne with the ability of empathy but they lost or never developed their ability, and a person that hase a simian line on only the right or dominant palm either developed empathy or was emotionally scared to fuse the head and heart as one a product of abuse,
    I am wondering if there is a connection between palmistry, numerology and astrology ? I have a simian line on both of my palms, a Master Life Path Number 11/2 and a powerful astrology natal chart not necessarily a good chart, I thought it was a good chart until started digging deeper, I am interested in hearing from others, please leave a Reply,

    Grand Trine with Moo: 16Pis50’52” and Mer: 10Can33’29” and Nep: 17Sco36’30”
    Grand Trine with Moo: 16Pis50’52” and Ven: 18Can03’05” and Nep: 17Sco36’30”
    Grand Trine with Mer: 10Can33’29” and Sat: 17Pis10’45” and Nep: 17Sco36’30”
    Grand Trine with Ven: 18Can03’05” and Sat: 17Pis10’45” and Nep: 17Sco36’30”
    T-Square from Jup: 13Gem42’58” to Moo: 16Pis50’52” and Ura: 11Vir11’18”
    T-Square from Jup: 13Gem42’58” to Moo: 16Pis50’52” and Plu: 13Vir52’00”
    T-Square from Jup: 13Gem42’58” to Sat: 17Pis10’45” and Ura: 11Vir11’18”
    T-Square from Jup: 13Gem42’58” to Sat: 17Pis10’45” and Plu: 13Vir52’00”

    if you are interested :
    Date of Birth 20 June 1965
    Time of Birth (7:56PM) 19 (7 PM) 56
    City of Birth Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Hospital (Los Angeles), California, United States

    Birth Chart Calculator

    Birth Chart Calculator

    You By Your Numbers

    The Twelve Houses


    This is a good site for info

    The Planets in the Houses

    The Planets in the Signs

    • Jeff Finley says:

      Those are some great resources Greg! I think you are onto something. The ability to FEEL the emotions of others (empathy) is one thing, but then the cognitive ability to understand is the other part. I think there is a connection to numerology and astrology. Double Simian Lines have been known to be “the mark of the guru” or a tribal elder or shaman. I had a Starseed reading (Astrology chart, but with special emphasis on Star Markings). And she said I had the “mark of the avatars” with spiritual connection to ascended masters like Jesus. And that I’m incarnate here on Earth to do this work, to bring more love and healing to the planet, to balance the masculine and feminine energies, to heal and inspire, and to help usher in the new world. I’m a Gemini, Life Path 5, which primary focus in freedom. All my charts and readings all seem to point to being some sort of healer/teacher/inspirer and the Double Simian line also fits.

  • Evelyn Joan Wildes says:

    I too have a simian line on both hands!

  • Scott W. says:

    Jeff, I’ve got them too and have only seen this on one other person. The scant information out there about the head/heart line combo is true for me.

  • Ma. Angelica M. Cañeza says:

    Finally!! I found someone who also have a simian lines on both palms. by the way, I’m a 22 year old Filipina. I think I fall on the category of being insane. lol well not much, but I mostly feel different from everyone else. I thought I have a psychological problem, but then I read your article, and thank God! I’m not alone. I feel special in some ways but still normal. I hope you could send me a reply, just to let me know that you noticed me. Thank you so much. your blog helped me understand myself more. More power to us Simians! 🙂

    • Jeff Finley says:

      You’re probably not insane! 🙂

      • Jonniesue Harper says:

        My 3 yo son has double simian lines. He has severe behavior issues. He has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. We have also noticed he is highly intelligent. For instance he can say his ABC’s backward in the matter of 10 seconds or so. It’s crazy. He also has two toes on his right foot that are webbed.

  • David Tarrant says:

    I have it in both hands and my hands are mirror images. We may be special or maybe not. We’ll see!!!! I think we are !!!

  • Mitch Lavergne says:

    Yep I’ve got them as well both hands. My father is the only person ive seen with a simian line only his left hand.
    Wonder what it means?
    I have scared my friends with crazy predictions.
    Far from picking lottery numbers….too bad!
    Cool to find someone else with
    Simian on both hands.

  • Sin says:

    Hi Jeff, I am perfect double simian line too, 90% same with your both hand. I am from Indonesia, now I live in Russia. Do you have social media, may we can contact each other. Thanks. Best regards. Sin

  • terri says:

    I have double simian lines on both palms. Mirror images. I am a teacher and care very deeply about my students. I think I do have empathy for others. I am also rare because I have O neg. blood and silver eyes. I have a nephew who has one left simian palm and his mother has neg. blood. I don’t know if there is some connection there though. I have found one of my friends also has one simian Palm.

  • Don Ammons says:

    Have simian lines on both hands. Both hands identical as does one of my grand daughters. I can relate to many of the comments I’ve read. I look forward to learning more and I am going to be following webbsite. Thank you all for your comments and insights.

  • Jeff,

    I too have the double Simian Crease.after reading your post you took my breath away . I feel exactly the same way and it has caused me stray from my true path because of the constant pulling between logic and emotion . Sometimes I over react but most of the time people think I’m one of kind but certainly eccentric to say the least . I know my purpose is exactly what your purpose is because I can feel it . I know I’m meant for something great . I wish we could have a simian crease day or find a way to bring us all together . I think we would make something miraculous happen . We might even be able to change the world .id love to discuss this idea more .

  • Kirsty says:

    I have a daughter who is simian on her right hand, she is very emotional and so loving and intense and only 5 years old. So much of what you say I see in her, struggles with the sociability of school but loves being at home. Incredibly passionate about certain things but struggles with sleep in case she has a bad dream as her imagination is often bigger than she can deal with. I feel honoured to be the mother of a simian 🙂 we are in the UK and I feel very grateful for these social groups which will help understand d herself more and not feel one when she is older when she might not feel she can find her place or connectetion with the world. Thanks Jeff for your post on simian.

  • Jodi MacDonald says:

    Jeff, I am a double and so is my son. June,9th and June 30th. Nice to meet you!

  • Samantha says:

    I just found out about the double simian. Jeff, your page is great. After reading a few other sites I was starting to feel like there should be something wrong with me.
    I can relate to your comments about intuition. I live by my intuition. And like Alicia I have dreams that predict something in the future and I get a certain feeling when I get them.
    Love the heart. Love the mind.

  • Dayday says:

    I have simian line on my both hand , now that I give birth my daughter, she got it too, on both hand ;( I don’t know what to say but eversence I was born I always felt different , can never make friends, always felt left out and stay by myself all the time. But I’m very passion about what I do like getting a degree and being success I mean in my head I wanna be very success, I am more of insane then smart if I have to say. Whatever it is I am , well I’m glad I am not the only one and when my daughter grow up I can understand her better then anyone and she won’t felt left out like I am cause my parent never understand who I am and why my child hood is like this , I am the only child who different from other kid my parent have so.

  • Chris Lim says:

    you guys have been saying that people that have double simian line are often introvert of very social awkward. but i am non of that. I love making new friends, love to hang out with friends, and i love to talk as well. so how do you guys explain this (i am curious)

    • Jonniesue Harper says:

      My son is very socially awkward. He does not interact very well with other children. He prefers to play alone and have control of what is happening when he is playing.

  • Sravan says:

    I have double simian lines too and they are very dark in colour unlike Jeff in his pic.

  • Laura Guerra says:

    I’ve been very curious for awhile now about my palms. On my left I have a line as the one you described on my right the lines are completely different. What does this mean?

  • GARIMA says:

    i have also simian line in both hands.. 🙂 and i know.. i exist on this earth for a very special reason .

  • Jennifer Hart says:

    I have identical double simian lines. I am a libra. Have AB- blood which is very rare, 1/4 Native American. I’ve always been very drawn towards trying to figure out a greater meaning to life. I definitely sort threw my emotions based on logic. Therefore most people think I’m emotionless, which is not the case. I’m curious as to others blood types and if they are rare as well? My email is would be interesting making friends who think similar to myself, I’ve felt at odds with most people most of my life.

  • Iris says:

    My son is 23 years old. He is a double simian. His birthday is July 12. He is a musician. He’s working on his graduate degree in music.
    Palmists have refused to read his palms. I have a picture. His hands look very unusual. Two lines and both deep. The top line runs clear across his hands.
    I would like him to meet other people to discuss this with. He’s definitely socially awkward and would never reach out on this site but once there is contact made he would be fine. He’s not good at initiating contact.

  • Sarah says:

    When I was a kid I used to always check people’s hands to see if they had simian lines because I wanted to find someone who had the same lines as me, I’ve read up a bunch on it and after all the conspiracy theories I decided to just let it go, I don’t like letting my ego get the best of me but I think it’s a neat addition. It’s cool to at least see on the internet that other people have simian lines on both their hands too.

  • maggie says:

    Cool I have a double simian hand lines too im also a red hed with blue eyes and ya I agree there should be more info about it

  • Sarah gamble says:

    Hello fellow simians!! I am insane too! All my life I’ve felt different, as if I don’t belong. I analyze everything, worry about everything, live in my head, daydream, and flutter through life as if I’m searching for something. I’m a writer and I love to read:)

  • Kim says:

    Double simian here! Scorpio…. A- blood type….

  • Mr.gone says:

    I have simian lines on both my hands ….I’m just delving I to this topic though I have no idea but what I have read about it rings very true

  • Anne says:

    I have double simian lines but feel pretty normal. 🙂 My son has 1 on his left hand

  • Marty says:

    I have double simian lines.

  • Jude says:

    I have double simian lines too and identify with a lot of what you say. I am an incredibly emotional person and have such internal conflicts. I feel that I don’t know my own mind at all but at the same time have absaloute clarity on certain things. And I too cannot engaged in anything that doesn’t totally absorb my emotional being. I’ve found it all both a gift and a curse!

  • Mike says:

    I am a double simian also. I used to make a lot of money in college making bets that nobody had a straight line across their hand and especially on both hands. I never lost. I am a loner and can function in harmony comfortably by myself. I also get along well with people and have always been very popular in high school, college, in the military and business. However, being social is always on my terms which seems conceited. I am not conceited just want control of my environment and life. Certainly there is a conflict here between emotions and clear direction. I know what I like and what I don’t and follow both emotions and intellect a majority of time in making decisions. I also feel destined for something great. But at 73, time is running out. The double simian crease is very rare and must have some significant genetic implications. It also could be part of a spiritual connection. I don’t think it depicts insanity but uniqueness with powerful implications.

  • Emily says:

    Double simian line here as well and I’m a Gemini…

  • Lina says:

    I have simian line on my both hands also. I haven’t met someone with simian line I think. I thought I’m weird or something lol.

  • Silvia Rizky says:

    I am a double simian from Indonesia. 3 september 1993. I feel like I’m very different from many other people. I thought I had psycology problem. And I feel same as other double simian. After read this I feel better 🙂

  • Samantha says:

    I grew up in a traditional Hmong household where we still practice Ancestral Veneration as well as Shamanism. My father was a practicing shaman and my mother is also a shaman although she does not perform rituals for outsiders. Let’s just say I’ve experienced many many things with the other side and have always been quite spiritual. I earned a BA in Anthropology and will be pursuing a Masters in the field this Fall when I start my Graduate career where my focus is spirituality, folklore, and alternative forms of healing/medicine. Yet, for some reason I still have a sort skepticism when it comes to palmistry, isn’t that ironic? I am still curious about it but the people I’ve encountered on my palmistry quest were unquestionably fakes.

    However, it’d be great if I can get connected to someone who is really gifted at palm reading. I have double simian lines and so does my significant other. I think that our meeting was definitely fated. We connected at a very deep level so quickly and though we may still be a bit “safe” with our feelings, we love each other greatly. I think sometimes it’s better to not know what will happen, come what may. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for us to just meet with someone who will link us deeper to ourselves and possibly to each other.

  • Aida says:

    Hi Jeff! I also have simian on both hands. And yes I am very extraordinary.

  • Lara says:


  • Clarissa says:

    I have Simian lines in both my palms, though a little less defined on my dominant (right) hand. I’ve never really put a lot of thought about this until a few years back, when an Indian colleague expressed his fascination, suggesting of their old beliefs of this being special. And so the search began: articles, forums, etc. In some cultures (eg. Japan, India), they have positive regard for this, although in Science, it’s often associated with Down Syndrome, and in few references even to Schizophrenia (though the latter feels dubious). Some of the characteristics I read being repeatedly claimed, and those I can attest to apply to me as much, are extreme FOCUS (and frequently spacing out), social AWKARDNESS, a dichotomy of SELF-DOUBT and EGOTISM, emotional REPRESSION, UNRESTRAINED INTENSITY, a CONFUSION/MIX of what is THOUGHT and FELT, OVERTHINKING things. It’s a freaking mayhem. I’ve always thought I was different, my opinions, perspective, interests, my whole outlook. I did blend in, but always preferred recluse, I cannot say I liked it more, I just disliked it less (or maybe yeah, i really like being alone – that could be my introvert though). Haha. Early on I trained myself to accept and actually enjoy being unusual, it was not an overnight thing, those were years of observing, comparing, asking (myself) and sulking. I think the key is just knowing and finding pride in being different. I would not have it any other way, really. 🙂

  • Shruti says:

    I have simian line in both palms.

  • J says:

    I have a double simian line as well. April 25 1990. Feels nice to know that there are others that have the same hands like mine. Ive never met anyone personally that has the simian crease on both. Quite fascinating. 🙂

  • Susan winters says:

    Hey there! My name is Susan. I live in Houston, Texas. When I as 12 I was at an amusement park in Houston and had my palm read. It was in 1987. My palms took this mans breath away. He told me I was special because of the straight lines across both of my palms. I believed him. I just wanted to send a pic of palms to you. I clearly see the line all the way across but not sure if it’s head and heat connecting. There are many palm readers here but I’m afraid most are frauds. Can you please take a peek ?

  • Ellie says:

    Double simian, Gemini (28May1989), Scottish/ English/Italian/DutchAmerican, AB+ blood type, born near midnight, no wisdom teeth, hypermobile and double jointed.

    Apparently there is a higher instance of simian lines in Asian communities but I am double simian and completely European. I checked with 23andme to verify any hidden genes and no surprises there.

    It seems to me this must be a rare recessive gene from a very ancient common ancestor, since it has a tendency to appear in families. Although I’m the only one with double and no one else has it in my family.

    I always thought I could be significant or destined for something, but doesn’t everyone think that? We’re all the main characters of our own story. And anyway, our concept of being a “great” person is ridiculous – people assume that means famous or rich. But what makes a celebrity greater than everyday heroes, like nurses and doctors who save lives? We are all significant to those around us, and can change someone else’s life for better or worse. I’m sure the simian crease means nothing other than another harmless throwback with no purpose, although the prevelance in people with genetic disorders is interesting.

    But, to share your perspective, I will say I am very empathetic, and have incredibly intense, complex and vivid dreams almost every night. I used to think these were oracular premonitions, or insights from another plane. I experience deja vu occasionally. I have a strong connection to nature and animals, and used to be more mystical as a teenager.

  • k saunders says:

    I have double simian lines with another anomaly, my ring fingers are my longest fingers. My mother had a sim on one hand. Is their any connection genetically?

  • Nadjib says:

    I am Canadian living presently in Malaysia, I have a double simian line in both hands, I want meet girl with simian line on her both hands
    Who knows this could be a good match ,because we have heart melted with the brain. So,every single thought we have comes out from your heart….that’s what is called the sincerity

  • Katalina says:

    I have a simian line on my right hand, my partner has it on his left hand and all three of our children have it on both hands which is pretty cool as no one in our family has a simian line. It was destiny .xx

  • Alex says:

    Double simian here too. Take care Jeff. From Romania with love 🙂

  • Ian says:

    I have a simian on each hand and a horizontal line about a center-meter above it. What is that line called?

  • Gian Carlo says:

    I have simian lines on both hands too! I’m a Leo born in the year of the Tiger under the fire sign and my planet is the Sun which makes me feel ferocious, fierce and feisty. My name is Carl.

  • Jose Ismael says:

    It is great to know that there are lots of us having “Simian Lines”. I have both on my palms and I am the only member of the family that has it. I am a “leapling” or born on Feb 29.
    I really don’t believe in any palm reading and any sort of luck and famous financial successes accompanying it and haven’t tried it at all however I have read lots of writings and stories of those people having this; mostly they have proclaimed positive stories.
    What I know is I have a good life and I am enjoying it! Though I have been in hard times but I have managed to escape from it which I don’t think has a connection having simian lines.
    Reading the other comment that she is dreaming mostly every night is my experience as well; though it is hard for me to translate/decipher it and I am most of the time would love to be alone (some kind an introvert).
    One characteristic that you may agree with is most of us have a deep connection to nature and we love animals; in my case I have three active/lovely Wheatens, 3 cats and had 10 rabbits and 2 ducks.

  • roland says:

    Hello Jeff, actually I possess simian on both hands too.. just tonight i’ve learned the proper term for it ^^ I can send pictures if you want. we’re on the same boat!

  • Brainard says:

    I have simian line on both of my hands. Where do I leave a picture of my simian lines? I feel, all of you guys need to see.

  • Zach says:

    Hey this is pretty crazy to see and awesome at thr same time i havent met anybody or seen anybody else have both hands with simians like myself my lines run deep and actually meet and go down the back side of my hands its pretty cool. I wish i could learn more a out it all i know is that i get gasps everytime i have my tarots read and palms read its exciting and exilerating. Just wish i knew more about the actuall means and likeness of it other than. Being told am very strong and very willful and powerful according to japanese palmists and korean. So far i have had a blast with my life unsure if this is tbe reason or not but still very interesting. Until last year when everything kind of turned upside down in my life. 33 male scorpio

  • Phillip Gocela says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I have both simian lines on my hands. I felt the same thing with you. I sometimes wonder why i am very emotional and empathetic person. I wanted to help others to make their life good. Sometime I dreamed of casting out demons or fighting evil spirits. Sometimes i felt that i have a healing gift but just taken for granted to think that it was only my thoughts. I am a good listener and loves nature. I love natural way of healing or enjoy physical exercise outdoor. I experienced anxiety but overcome it. Hope to hear tips from you on how to grow this gift if i have.


  • latanggo says:

    hi jeff…
    i have double simian lines like you…on bugis ethnic (is some ethnic on my country) call people have simian lines is “palabeta” , oh.. btw oftentimes i fell de ja vu … my be cause i have this simian line…

  • Adam says:

    hi jeff,
    I have simian lines in both my hands and i really curious to know about it after reading this article its awesome to hear somebody also has simian lines in both hands

  • Jozef Kacmar says:

    I have it to … what does it mean … no idea … asking my self a long time but never look at it properly …

  • Raquel says:

    Hi this is Raquel and I have different lines on my hand I have saw any or find any same as my right hand it’s one across and has two branches big lol and small that is not connect to the big center line that’s locate on top and one long going up from under my lifeline ????
    And about me
    Since age 4-5 I heard voice call me I am. It crazy but I heard someone
    And stop after that
    Then I got to star dreaming lot staff like fiction staff and that time I was in Peru the country where I lived till 16
    Back the. Never saw ficción movies or things like that never cause didn’t have tv on grandma home so
    And I got so many confusin dreams still remember most of them
    But just few years ago when I was pregnant started the staff to come back again felling like someone is watching me time to time or hearing things that can’t understand clear it got most crazy while pregnant lol with my first second and third child and I got dreams that came true with other people
    So and one I got was I saw lots people dieing and death on the floor it was like most young people
    And it was people that had cover their face and big Hungary was sunny but all body’s where inside looked like school or college to me but this dream was on march around 9 2017 and after weeks saw that news on Siria I swear I went back into my dream I felt so sad 😭
    And on march too I got a dream I saw fire coming towards me. Like a meteor or bomb not sure what was it and after told my dream to my baby’s dad and he told me that donal trump send misiles to Siria to atack … jesus I ask to stop dreaming staff I get scare of really I get scare of this things are happening to me now i am felling changings on me like when I eat meet I feel like I am eating me really not sure why I am acting like that I feel like pain and sad for the animal chicken and all meet I can’t understand myself but I know I am normal not crazy just the staff around me is getting me confusing and need to stop having staff like that … other thing when I was a baby I got so like atacks but I was find mom took me to many doctor everything was ok Peru and Ecuador doctor never found me anything so….. any answers will be good ….. other last thing I dream with god I try to see his face and I never can’t see his face why???
    Thank you
    God bless you

  • Bruce says:

    I also have the simian line on both side of my palm, very distinctive visible lines. Head & Hart lines are as one from end to end of my palm. Full life line no brakes, fate line starts parallel with my life line starting at the bottom and forms an arrow shape with the tip at the bottom of my head & hart line. I have one theory that might interest some people here is that we have the gene marker from our decedents the Atlantean’s, I believe once & a while depending on the couple the gene gets reinserted or unlocked & this is the signature trait of that blood line.

    PS Thank you Jeff for putting this up an interesting read cheers.

  • D says:

    I have simian line in both palms.

  • Cindie says:

    I just ran across your site. I have double simean lines too. Never realized it until it was pointed out to me. Guess we’re rare!

  • Scott Lewis says:

    I also have Simian lines on both hands. The only palm reading I’ve ever had done was during a Renaissance festival and I didn’t really believe her or felt that she knew what she was looking at. Sooner or later though, I would like to have them looked at by a true palm reader.

  • Gregory says:

    I have always been fascinated by my Double Simian lines since I was a child. I also have other markings as well. I have always felt different from others and never felt that I was part of a group. I was always drawn to spiritual pursuits in life. I have heard that the double simian line is rare and have also found much information about it. Really loved your article.


    Why can’t I seem to find much anuwhere about distinguished DOUBLE M & X on both palms?

  • Charles says:

    Thanks for the resource! I also have a double simian crease, and relate to the things you say. Interesting!

  • Sim says:

    It’s so great to know about the Simian lines. I’ve wondered about this all my life coz my hand lines never matched with any of my peeps. I have simian lines on both of my hands and I’m 29 yrs old. About what Jeff has written.. yes I do feel like that too. I’m very involved when it comes to my job or relationships and it’s hard to not give it my all. Can’t do anything in a half hearted manner, even normal chores. It’s great to know that there are others out there. God bless you guys.

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