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This may be the point where you stop reading this blog because it’s getting too weird. I warn you, it’s only going to get weirder! Only open minded, curious people are encouraged to read further. 🙂

During my Soul Retrieval session a couple weeks ago, my healer recognized in me this deep desire to love, inspire, and uplift people around me. She said I was a Starseed. That was the first I had heard of that term.

I later looked it up and the idea of it is strangely exciting to me. According to Wikipedia, “Starseeds are defined as evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy who have come to Earth with the specific mission of assisting its people to achieve a higher level of civilization and peace.” In my own words, I define it as a person who’s soul has a rich galactic lineage and has incarnated in many different forms. Some of those may be of different Extra Terrestrial races. Abilities such as clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, telepathy and the like are common among Starseeds.

How do I know it’s for real?

When I looked into it, this concept of Starseeds is relatively new, but popping up all over the world as people who are waking up spiritually on a mass scale. I asked my healer, “How do I know if that is real? Or if I really am a Starseed?” She said, “Ask yourself, you have the answers within.”

I know she’s right, I do have the answers within. But trusting myself is another issue.

I decided to go for a long walk and meditate on that. I would ask myself, “Am I a Starseed?” And I would get waves of shivers throughout my body and a sense of joy and excitement within. Ok, interesting. I asked this Universal Intelligence around me, “How do I know?” And I got the intense feeling, “Trust me, you are. You know it!” I realized I was cracking a smile as something inside was celebrating my new found realization. My walking started to quicken as a feeling of empowerment started coming over me.


Is it just another label?

But here is where my ego comes in. Aren’t I “just making this all up?” It’s not really, real is it? I have no evidence or proof or can’t possibly show someone my Starseed certificate of approval. Isn’t it just another label? You know, like Democrat, Republican, Christian, Atheist, Straight Edge, Punk, etc. When I’ve been shedding my identification with these labels, why would I want to attach another?

Carl Sagan said, “We are made of star stuff.” Which in the grand scheme of things is true, we originated from the big bang and we’re just a fractal of the universe. But our souls are infinite and eternal and have incarnated into many bodies and many lifetimes. It’s absurd to think that we are alone in the universe and I know there is more to life than just what’s on Earth. So it makes logical sense to me that my soul could have incarnated into other physical forms in different parts of the universe. I can’t explain it, but I can feel it.

Signs of a Starseed

I took a few “Starseed Quizzes” online and found that it describes me in a lot of ways. I am naturally drawn to artistic or creative endeavors like art, design, dance, film, etc. I’m a lover, not a fighter – I want to see everyone live in harmony together. I strive to bring people together and inspire them to realize their true inner creative visionary. I feel like I have some sort of mission in life. However, not all the “signs” fit me – such as having a history of paranormal activity, psychic abilities, dreams of distant planets or encounters with ETs and aliens. Not yet at least. Well, ever since my spiritual awakening I’ve been having regular lucid dreams and astral projections. And I’ve been getting more tuned in with my intuition and inner energy.

But, it’s not like I’m going to find an answer on an online quiz, I’m just looking outside myself to validate what I feel inside. I tend to do that when I’m learning something new about myself.

Where has my soul been?

So if my soul has a rich galactic lineage, where has it been? When I read about different Star Systems, I just took notice of the sensations of feeling inside my body. Some of them I was bored reading. Some of them I thought described someone else I knew… However, when I got to the Pleiades, I started feeling the hairs stand up on my arms, chills of energy flowed down my body again and I had a sense of familiarity. It definitely described me.

But I also resonated with several other parts of different star systems… Some of my more evolved spiritual friends told me that we likely come from MANY different star systems and our souls have been a lot of places. It’s all just coming together at this time on Earth because of the big changes happening here.

Ego Identity

But is my ego just looking for a cool new identity to attach itself to? As I get more into my spiritual path and let this whole thing called life unfold itself within me without judgement or resistance, I find myself getting more connected to esoteric subject matter. This is no exception. But I also worry that my ego thinks it’s a cool club to join for very special souls. And my ego has a history of wanting to feel special.

Or is my ego the one causing fear, doubt, and worry about something that is true deep within? I am not sure of the answer. I have a good idea that my ego is the one that doesn’t want me to post this because it’s afraid of what other people will think. It’s afraid of being judged or ridiculed or called crazy.

But I do know that I trust my heart.

My heart is telling me to be proud of who I am at this point in my spiritual journey. Excitement, hope, joy, doubt, fear, questioning.

All of it.

Follow the path of love and see where it leads.

Update: 2/15/2016: I started an Etsy shop called Starseed Supply Co.  I make patches/pins for Starseeds and spiritual renegades. Find Starseed Supply Co. on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and follow along as the business grows!

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  • Jake Bryant says:

    This is incredible, Jeff. I can not say how deeply I agree with all of this. Thank you for following your heart and posting this. It seriously inspired me more than I can ever say. I long to learn where and who my soul has been. I hope to one day become more soul aware.


    • Thanks Jake! I’m so glad to have inspired something within you. This is an exciting time be be alive, we are becoming aware of our true nature!

    • Hannah says:

      It was as if I wrote this 🙂 how you are you doing on your journey now?x

      • Gillian says:

        Agreeded! I feel exactly the same way. Like to the T. I definitely resonate with the Pleiades. I am also curious how things have been since you posted this. Have you experienced repeating number sequences or other syncronicities? Thank you so much for sharing your story even though I know it was difficult. It’s nice for k own we’re not alone.

  • Gapintheweb says:

    I am like you, I don’t have any doubt I am a Starseed. I’ve seen it in meditation and in my earliest memories through recurring dreams. I did not understand it until later in life. However, many people, like you, have helped me see, at least partly, who I am and why I am here. Great article as those who see and feel speak truths they know within. It definitely gives others courage to discover their own truths. Thanks! 🙂

    • That’s wonderful to hear. Thank you for sharing.

      • Stepehn says:

        Too many people are out there dieing to be a part of something and Jeff after reading this I get an overwhelming sense that your are a fraud not a starseed. Those of us who are blessed to have Pleiadian lineage don’t go on the internet to bost of our new found identity, we have always known it and we share our way of life but not our identity.

  • M45 says:

    First off, thank you for telling your story about this subject. More of us need to get the word out to let others know that this is for real.
    I see myself thinking, feeling and doing pretty much the same as you as you stated. I’ve wrestled with ego saying I am mistaken or even crazy if I believed that my soul came from a star system w/o any proof. I eventually tried the “tests” online and when I found out I had the characteristics of the Pleiadian star group, I asked myself, when meditating, if it was true. All of a sudden, I had this complete knowing, an overwhelming joy as if I received a gold star for getting the correct answer and then heard Y E A H, you are. To this day, I have pictures of the Pleiades Star Cluster in my home, have my license plate with M45 on it and I seem to feel a need to “get it out to everyone” where I’m originally from. I am constantly wanting others to know that they aren’t “crazy” for knowing, feeling or talking about this “awakening” that is happening to them. Pleiadians are the caregivers, healers and teachers. This is exactly what I am suppose to be doing and it is an exciting time for all of us. We can’t just keep it to ourselves. We have to shed light on this important information.

    • That’s amazing to hear M45! Whether it’s “real” or not, we are getting signals from our bodies that help us feel inspired and positive about our purpose here on the planet. Not everyone on this planet really CARES about any sort of grand purpose for their life, but some do. And those that feel they are here for a reason, some gut level instinct, are usually the ones who seek this type of validation. So true or not, it’s another stepping stone on our paths. It helps us feel more confident in our direction in life. And that’s a good thing.

      And this knowledge can connect us to our “tribe” of others who share similiar life purposes and aspirations. So on that, it’s nice to meet you!

  • While I don’t feel like I am a Starseed, I am fascinated with the idea, and your article suddenly brought back memories of odd dreams and experiences I have had. Looking forward to discovering more of your posts and doing some research of my own! Thanks Jeff!

    • Hey Kelly! Long time no chat! I’d love to hear about your experiences if you care to share.

      • Your mention of lucid dreaming and astral projection reminded me of very vivid dreams I’ve had where I am in multiple places at once. I’ve woken up with strange (not English) phrases stuck in my head. Stuff like that. Never thought much of it other than just me having a weird imagination you know? But I’m really interested in the concept. There’s something about it that resonates with me and just makes sense.

  • ellivon says:

    I would like to say I’m like you but it is so hard not to be biased. One day in without a doubt and the next day it is harder than before I have a concept in my head can we be inception not in a dream but in a body. As babies. I don’t really remember most of my childhood and nor do I want to the farthest thing back I remember was my stepmother knocking on the door and even before I met here had a sense of fear…… now that I’m 25 years experience d I’d like to say she is just crazy or something…. I want to think everyone has a niceness to them they tell me I naive but I understand just don’t always act on things. But I think I might be blabbing lol today I had a dream and I felt like it was a link to somewhere or something present future or past I can’t tell but maybe time stands still I woke up with a sense of urgency but was nt sure my little baby had woke me he was hungry I fed my sweet boy and felt I should try to reach out again. I closed my eyes and watched waves of colors dance behind my eyelids (not meaning to sound weird just trying toexplain precisely) but before I knew it I must have dosed asleep I had a dream but the last I remember was something saying they knew about my heir I woke up abruptly to my little boy again he is only 5months I just didn’t understand. Well anyways a mommy’s position isn’t every over my bubby boy needs me. I hope I get a reply if you have the time, you have questions as do I, Maybe you or some one can get back to me and this help other. My email is Elishia.PTT@gmail.com. Thank you

  • ellivon says:

    I almost forgot to mention after my first dream when I woke up for a split moment I saw this orangish goldish circle thing on my wall size of a grapefruit I think I’m not really sure but there was No way it came from outside being that it was early in the morning it was like a bluish light coming in from outside not yellow or any thing and the way my apartment is built it odds just a high brick wall plus the shades were closed with a sheet over them. Sorry to add on bunch more don’t mean to inconvenience you or anyone I will wait for a reply now bye bye sorry and Thank you.

  • Kirsten says:

    I just recently found out myself by myself that i am a pleiadian starseed. I myself like you tend to research how im feeling inside or on thoughts and questions just to give my ego comfort in knowing that this is normal but i seriously just think thats the brain planning puzzles and games on us. I am very blessed in my journey as my brother is also a starseed but he is from another universe then i am. I have also recently discovered that i am a caretaker but not to sure which career path i will be taking i thought i was going to be a nurse but now that i think about it why would i want to surpress and keep a vessel alive when its time has come to pass cause the spirit never dies. So its got me thinking about my life choices and where i am needed to go. Do you or could you recommend any career paths that result in spiritual caretaking …. by the way my soul is much older then the old soul much much much older …. maybe this is why my awakening is happening so fast its only been weeks……

    Namaste my galatic brothers and sisters

  • Kirsten says:

    The other thing i forgot to mention reading the comments below i also felt the hairs on my body stand when i asked am i a starseed and when i ask the divine questions i get that same feelings and also an overwhelming urge to cry for joy and laugh at the same time its most beautiful!!!!!!!
    I also relate to Ellivon when she said she sees good in everyone i see it to even if i feel the ego of the brain has compelty taken over the body i some what feel like those people are a lost cause and cannot be help….period in this life time….. i do believe that the soul is the “good” we are seeing. I wish to show everyone who they truely maybe this is way i know my soul to be extremely old because its passed all the stages its needed to pass and i am now here in god name to help those lost…..maybe ellivon we are the same….
    again namaste 🙂 sending love to you all

    • Hi Kirsten! Thanks for sharing, and yes I love what happens to us when we ask divine questions. Quite a feeling, huh? For careers in the healing path that are not nurses, there are energy healers, reiki masters, shamans, counselors, or maybe even an author, blogger, video blogger, artist, musician, etc. All of those could be options for you. I would look into Shamanism and see if anything resonates. Good luck to you! Namaste.

  • Kate Lane says:

    thank you.

  • Phyllis Chandler says:

    I just now realized that I am a starseed from either andromeda or Palediese. I really think more Andromeda! I’m blown away, I fit the profile to a tee! I am totally different from anyone else In my entire family. In fact, I told my sister I thought I was adopted. I really don’t know what to do with this. I know this is true one reason my life has been different than anyone else’s I know! Also I have been going through some changes recently in that I am understanding easily things I have read many before and nowbsuddenlybI get it! Spiritual stuff! The lessons that I am to learn are right in line with the issues of the andromeda personality. At one time I wondered if I could be a starseed, but It wasnt the right time then and I really didn’t think I was good enough for that. This is amazing how tonight I literally stumbled onto this phenomenon. I recently started a fb page addressing the issues of our karma and what it means and it’s affects. I’ve been very open lately to my purpose here and maybe the universe decided it was time to open up my understanding! I’m so stoked about this but have much work to do! This explains everything

  • Steve says:

    There’s a very interesting perspect on the “Am I a Starseed” topic at this youtube video https://youtu.be/5rx9ZfWxWEc

    • Interesting Steve, thanks for sharing the video. I agree with his comment of it not mattering whether you are or not. But being true to yourself without labels. I’ve also heard that “we are all starseeds” as well.

      • jessica says:

        I believe we are all Starseeds. We are all experiencing degrees of awakening to our true selves and that we are all beings of Love. (And we all come from the Big Bang.)

  • Cherry says:

    Thank you so much Jeff for sharing your experience. I’m relieved that I am not the one as I was questioning myself, and am going through exactly what you described to the T. Maybe I’ll experience the “paranormal” part in the future as I go through this spiritual journey. 🙂

    • Yeah keep yourself open to the possibilities. Try to feel/perceive with more than just your eyes and ears and you’ll be more aware of subtle shifts in your energy.

  • Thank the universe I found this site. i didn’t find it weird, because I am also star seed, very likely from the Pleiades. I fit the description of this soul group to a T. First off, I am an astrologer practicing in the Philippines since 2002. In 2012, I discovered my ability to heal with crystals. Now I am doing both. My journey has brought catharses and epiphanies since 2012. I suffered a mini stroke on my birthday that year, and then life wasn’t the same again. My personal story is too awesome for words. Maybe I will sit down and write a book! I’m glad to see others who have awakened or are awakening to their cosmic purpose. Namaste fellow travelers, may our paths cross in real time!

    • So fortunate that you arrived here on this post. It’s great to meet you. This is one of my most popular posts on this site, and it’s the only Starseed post I’ve written. Write that book if you feel you need to!

  • Sammi says:

    Hi Jeff, I was told yesterday by a clairvoyant that I am Pleiadian & got goosebumps up my arms. Like you it felt right but I was wondering whether my ego was attaching to the need to feel special & unique. I have always felt different. Since a child I have been interested in past lives, aliens, astrology & ancient civilisations. I have always been a healer & wanted people to feel happy & good about themselves. I studied psychology but it has felt like there is something missing in therapies. I’m headed to New York in a month to do regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss. When my soul came across this training it felt so right to the core of my being. I have always felt that my purpose is to heal others & spread unconditional love so regardless of Pleiadian origins or not I will continue to do so. I do however have pointed ears & a very Nordic look characteristic of what is described of Pleiadians!

  • Arlee says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Firstly, thank you for sharing your story, every little bit helps me understand a little more even though I’m open minded and swinging in all different directions. I’ve had a lot of unexplainable things happen to me all through my life ….I try not to talk about them in detail to very many people because I when I say it out aloud even I think I sound crazy!!!!! The further I go into all the different story’s the more far fetched they sound. Recently, after another confusing day I was at the end of my rope and was totally overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy and where I fit in the world. Nothing in my life has ever made sense to me….The way people interacted, loved, hated, deceived, hurt each other and yet many never seem to feel any remorse and just go about their daily lives. I’m an educated person and frustratingly incapable of hate, hating anyone for what ever reason and I have a lot of good reasons to hate people….I’ve been at the hands of some cruel taunts and verbally demeaning relationships but still can’t hate in retaliation…I’ve been wronged by people closest to me and yet I still wonder why they don’t call me??? For years I have put it down to my insecurities and overly sensitive demeanour …and yet I’ve heard many times I have a “big personality” but I’m as soft as a marshmallow sandwich.
    Anyway, 2 days ago in desperation for answers I visited a Sharman!! I still question why I did that, but since then I’ve been scouring the internet for more answers and if there are anymore “like me” (I still don’t know what I mean by that). He told me I was a starseed!! Ok, SO, that means what? Apparently I’m not just a starseed ….”I have wings”, I “radiate” and he fears me because I’m a more powerful psychic than he is ….that freaked me out, a LOT!!!!! I would love to understand more but can’t get into the mindset of this discussion about starseeds and other planets even though I know beyond a doubt that I believe in what everyone is talking about. I have witnessed too much not to …. I am trying to understand how people can categorically acknowledge their descent from planets like Pleiades or their Arcturian roots, as I don’t have this personal familiarisation with planets and my connection to them personally I remain a little skeptical although a starseed does have to come from somewhere…right?

    • Wow Arlee thanks for sharing! I’m a sensitive marshmallow too 🙂 But I think the whole Starseed thing is just the tip of the iceberg. We all have latent psychic abilities, it’s part of our makeup – it’s just been programmed out of us through culture and our predominant scientific worldview. But maybe the Starseed idea might cause you to find an inkling of inspiration and curiosity, which is a homing signal to follow. Keep following it! If you’re like me, you will get more and more confident the more you know and understand. Feel free to keep us posted!

  • Rohan says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you so much for sharing this article , u r a true spiritual speaker who is just spreading the self awakening . I’m glad that I have reached to this article , I have read about starseeds on wikipedia but I’m not sure that whether I’m of it or not , but yes sometimes I feel like why I’m here , what I’m supposed to do here , what is the purpose of my life and so on . Well I,ve also noticed that whenever I see the clock its used to be always (most of the time ) 1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 1:23 3:21 well I have no clue about this why this is happening ! Even saw some repeating number on the number plate while driving , my bank statement , like everywhere . Do all you people out there who think or feel that they are starseeds are facing all this ?
    Because I’m pretty scared about all this .
    And I’m facing some joint pain in my knee, shoulder and wrist ,because I’ve read that joint pain is one of the sign that you are a starseed.
    I always feel that I have something unique in me , that there is some purpose of being here !
    Please guide me , I have no clue what’s happening !

  • ~To Afraid Type My Name~ says:

    Hey,I too think I am a starseed,I took a few starseed online tests,watched a few YouTube videos and read some articles about it,all the descriptions describe me perfectly.I do have Clairvoyance,I lucid dream quite often and I sometimes know what a person is gonna say next.I am only 14 and I meditated once but I did have a dream where I saw E.Ts and I was forced to become human but I don’t know if it’s a message.I hope you can help me I know little info and it’s kinda making me scared because I can’t tell this to anyone or else they think I watched to much movies or read to much and won’t believe me so I won’t have anyone to talk to!

    • Hey thanks for sharing. I can understand being afraid to talk about this with people. Your close friends might not understand. You just gotta find your people! This is a good start. There are many Facebook groups too. Or look up #starseed tag on Instagram to find other people. Keep following your curiosity, and what makes you “weird” is part of your greatest gift to this world. You are going up against your edge of your comfort zone. Take baby steps and surf your edge, and you will slowly expand and grow. You are awesome!

  • Lori says:

    Jeff, you beat me to the punch at every paragraph. Just as I was asking my own questions, you posed the very same which made me laugh out loud. Thanks for your courageousness in posting. i’ve always wanted to know everything but am getting used to not knowing in order to really know. Know what I mean?

  • Viviana says:

    Thank you! I loved reading this. How do you find a place person to do an astral/soul projection? I need clarity.

    • Hi Viviana, you do the astral projection yourself. Nobody does it to you. Unless you want a teacher to help you do it, then I suggest starting with watching YouTube videos and reading books. Look up authors Robert Monroe and William Buhlman.

  • nimi says:

    I had a reading from lavender and she said identified pleiadian markings in my astrology chart (anything that falls between 25 degrees and 27 degrees that is). I have always been fascinated by the cosmos and stars and identify with the star seed characteristics in Pleiades but the only thing I would say is I cannot stand sadistic and manipulative people . I feel they should be condemned in some way, I wonder which star seed crossover characteristics I fall in now! But seriously I feel if all the riff-raff was removed from the planet then there would be a lot less lower vibrational situations and more harmony.

  • nimi says:

    Jeff Finely If you don’t mind me asking…you had a reading from Arielle about star seed markings. How many markings do you have? When I look at my chart I have one planet that falls on 27 degrees and then my ascendant and 7th house falls in 27 degrees. I did wonder if you had to have a more to fall in the planets to really confirm you are a star seed.

    • Nimi, yeah I did have a reading from Arielle about Starseed markings. I don’t remember how many she said I had though. I wouldn’t rely on her to tell you what you are though. I’ve had my doubts about their process because I’ve had numerous people share their confirmation mp3 with me and she says some of the same exact things verbatim. Perhaps it’s because she does so many and it gets repetitive after awhile. But I would meditate and go inward and ask yourself, your higher self, if you are a star seed. And listen/feel for any feedback or insights.

  • Jessie says:

    Thanks for the article, I enjoyed reading it. I’m doing research to try and figure out where I might be from. I had an awakening in 2015 and at that time a website regarding the Pleiadian’s opened by itself. But, I don’t really feel that I resonate much with the information I’m finding to describe Pleaidian’s. I am influenced strongly by Neptune. Does anyone know what history Neptune relates to?

  • Becky says:

    Hi Jeff! I just ran across your blog post here – beautiful nascent story! I compelled to comment on the doubt arising from ego’s need to feel “special.” The ego that is joyfully subsumed by and simultaneously expanded to accommodate the universe is Starseed. The soul willing to claim kinship has manifested it in the willing.

  • Nikola says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Wow, thanks so much for sharing! I could have written exactly the same, you really nailed it. My parents are very materialistic and down-to-earth people and they would disinherit me if they knew about this…I grew up like that and became a scientist working in big business in the industry. This made it very hard for me to understand and all “business class people” around me are making it even more difficult. But I was also drawn to spirituality, space and all the stuff listed above and I decided get an education as a healer. There I recognized what extraordinary healing, empathy, intuition and many other skills I have. What also happened is that I learnt to trust my skills, because I have seen “my proof” as a result of my healing work. After my education somebody told me that I am starseed and of course I had no clue. I did the usual Google and Wikipedia research and one day I read something which really hit me (ok, it was during work time when I was alone in a meeting room….). But since then, I feel how I have changed every day and my meditation and daily existence changed significantly. Since I have started trust in me more and more, the more evident everything becomes to me. It is just amazing and I cannot thank you enough for having shared your experience! Best, Nikola

  • Shara M. says:

    Thanks for this Jeff! For a while I thought Im going crazy. Now I know.

  • Miguel Sepúlveda says:

    Destiny led me to this article and I shall honor my purpose… Thanks for your courage, Jeff!

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