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The Shift is Happening

This week things have been shifting for me. Every since I had I my conversation with money, which turned into Mother Earth, my life has been full of abundance! It’s quite remarkable actually.

Starting the day after, I got invited to go dancing at some EDM shows at SXSW here in Austin. My new lady-friend M and I rode bikes down to the venue, which was super exhilerating! I had not ridden a bike in a busy city like that before, and I felt like a kid again.

In addition to the dancing, we got to meet the vendors selling their handmade goods outside the venue, and guess what? They were selling crystals, metaphysical stuff, punk rock zines on developing your psychic abilties, witchy stuff, and even patches with aliens on them. Yep, I felt like these were my people and I was here for a reason!

It seemed everyone we talked to was elated to see us. Like we had been waiting for this day to come. They were all independent makers fully living their passion and truths in ways I never thought was possible.

Not only did they make stuff, they danced, they sang, they all seemed so… brilliant!

Love is in the Air

M and I rode our bikes back, but we stopped halfway to cuddle on the curbside under the stars. It felt so magical. Where has this been?? I remembered to think of Mother Earth and thank her for the abundance of love, friendship, and synchronicity in my life. And showing me examples of other people living in alignment with their hearts.

The rest of the week followed suit. Another full day of dancing to EDM… Letting my soul punch through with the hard drops of Keys N Krates and Break Science. I felt like I was surrounded by my angels and Star Family and was bringing in this new energy of abundance and bliss.

Yes, this is all possible she says.

Money Woes Shifting

I had one day this week that was very dark. I woke up in another ego panic and fear that all my money was going to run out, I’d never make enough in time to pay my upcoming rent, and that I’d be out on the streets. Poverty consciousness was at the forefront of my mind.

Was it pure chance that I saw several of my high vibe friends and spiritual teachers ALSO sharing stories about money, poverty consciousness, and wealth this week?

My friends at Rise Multiversity posted this talk from Stuart Wylde about the mastery of money. Seriously one of the best talks I’d ever seen on money and it’s so old! It’s gotta be from the 80s or 90s, before any of the trendy buzzwords like “manifesting”, “abundance”, or “law of attraction” were popular.

I got a newsletter last week from George Kavassilas on “poverty mindset” and Gigi Young posted a video on “manifesting your desires” and getting out of the fear state.

I also had been asking my guides and Higher Self for a teacher to help me through this part of my life. Someone to guide me into my new purpose here in Austin.

Then earlier this week, Krista Raisa shared with me this video of Sandy Anistasi’s Psychic Development Level 1 class. And wow! Incredible. She’s the best teacher I’ve ever seen on the subject. She makes it all sound so down to earth and demystified. We are all psychic, it’s just a matter of how aware we are of it and how we nurture and allow those abilities.

I felt so grateful that all of this was in my life this week. Thank you!

And to top it off, M came over to my apartment and we practiced Tantra together for the first time. I kept feeling like this was all a magical dream that I didn’t want to wake up out of.

I even had the inspiration to apply for a job at Nature’s Treasures, a metaphysical shop here in Austin. They are looking for a content writer. So I spent the entire night working on my website which you can see here. Even if I don’t get the job, I have a brand new site that I’m pretty stoked on.

I also had the inspiration to reach out to the blog Evolve & Ascend to see if they take guest posts. As it happens, they do, they love my writing and designs, and want to work together immediately. Nice.

Come with me, she said

M invited me to a party at her friend’s house. There were dozens of high vibe people there. The atmosphere was brimming with love, authenticity, and creativity. There were fire spinners, many musical performers, artists, and lots of long hugs and bright eyes.

I brought my cajon drum and native american flute just in case. And sure enough, after midnight, an impromptu jam session busted out and there are so many talented musicians! It’s like I was meant to be here and play music and collaborate with all these amazing people.

One of the highlights was this extremely intimate singer-songwriter performance inside a yurt in the backyard. The yurt smelled like incense and there were different altars on each of the four corners with loads of crystals and references to Mother Earth. Synchronicity?

The guitarist told us his story of overcoming drug addiction and finding his soul in music and he poured his heart out with his songs for all of us. It was seriously so magical. People were in tears.

At the party, I felt a little wobbly because I’m so new to Austin and the “scene.” All of this is so new and unfamiliar, yet so inspiring and interesting. They were all encouraging to me and I feel fully supported by both physical and non physical beings.

M and I got closer and we shared some really deep talks. We realized that this fear of money goes back generations and is stored within my DNA and is my job to clear this pattern, not just for me, but for everyone else as well. We did a special meditation on it this morning, and I feel a special new “permission” that I feel in my bones.

It can just… shift like that.

I woke up to a few more sales, notifications about royalty payments from my books on Amazon, and even hundreds of new likes on my Starseed Supply Facebook page. How did that happen? Turns out one of my posts went viral. I even got a load of Instagram followers and comments that was not of my doing. I didn’t even post anything remarkable, it just sort of happened.

Turns out that the Universe can just *shift* like that, open up new doors for you just like that. You can wake up tomorrow with a job offer, more sales, or just a stroke of good luck come out of nowhere. Helpers and teachers can just show up in your reality if you’re open to it and ask for it.

I’m quite pleased that I can share this positive energy with you this week. I hope it rubs off on you and this work that I have done gives YOU more permission to follow your heart without fear. You will be supported. You are meant to do this. You are meant to be authentic.

Following your heart is not a privilege. It’s your birthright.

Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

Jeff is a graphic artist, designer, musician, writer, and mystic with a passion for truth and personal growth. He's the author of Wake Up, Maker/Mistaker, and Thread's Not Dead, as well as the creator of Starseed Supply Co. Learn more about him here.

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