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Twin Peaks Mylkhead Shirt

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Twin Peaks Mylk

I got a request to make Mylkhead shirts inspired by other David Lynch films. This one is for Twin Peaks. If you remember the crazy character the “Man From Another Place.” This is him. This would be printed on a cranberry colored American Apparel shirt. Would anyone buy this?

Erasermylk Shirt

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I’ve been looking forever for a decent Eraserhead shirt. And they’re all over ebay. But they are all sort of bootleg versions from sellers I can’t trust. And plus, they aren’t American Apparel. They are all probably thick heavy cotton shirts that don’t fit. And I’d be taking a risk getting it off there. I already have the official Eraserhead shirt straight off David Lynch’s website – but it’s a large and all big and gross. I don’t like it. So I decided to make my own. I’ll be printing this shirt up soon on American Apparel. Who wants one?