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Dazzle the District, Showpeace Entertainment!

Breakdancing on a Big Stage

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Last night I found myself in this grand spectacle of lights and show biz. I got to breakdance as part of ShowPeace Entertainment at the Dazzle the District event at Playhouse Square. It feels kind of like a dream.

Click here to watch a news story about the event which features a cameo of me and Tony at 1:20! Here’s an animated GIF of the part where we make an appearance.

showpeace entertaiment at Dazzle the District at Playhouse Square in Cleveland

This is a moment that I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time. It’s kind of a dream come true in a weird way. I never imagined being a performer like this on such a big stage. But lately, as I’ve been listening to my heart and allowing my higher self to guide my direction in life, it has pushed me onto the stage.

So here I am!

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Thank You Edinboro

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The past couple days have been amazing. I had the pleasure to speak to the senior graphic design class at Edinboro University and jury their show. The talk I gave was a small and intimate one where I told the story of my highest highs and my lowest lows in my career and life. I even managed to throw in some breakdancing and got a few students up on stage to learn some top rock.

And if that wasn’t enough, the students stuck around for some lucid dreaming discussion. I was told that this was a rare thing for students to stick around like this. Normally they would just leave as soon as the lecture is over.

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Beastie Boys – Nonstop Disco Powerpack Fan Video

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Over the holiday break, my wife Kim, her brother Greg, and I decided to act out a fantasy of ours. Yep, you guessed it, make a Beastie Boys music video! Kim had long talked about each of us taking a role and rapping our parts to a song. Well we finally had time to do it, so we borrowed Go Media’s Nikon D90 camera and went to work. We had only a couple of days to shoot while her brother was in town and this entire project was done fairly quickly actually. Kim was AdRock, Greg was Mike D, and I was MCA. Our cat Cookie and rabbit Daisy also made a cameo in this video.

The process of shooting went like this. Shoot a few takes of each person’s rapping solos, some group shots, some drumming, dancing, and some relevant b-roll footage. I edited together in a couple days even though I felt pretty crappy with a fever and a head cold! We think it came out better than we expected honestly. Just a tad better than amateur hehe. I hope you like it!

Breakin’ in the New Year 2012

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On New Year’s Eve, Kim and I went down to Mantua to our friend Drew’s house. Mantua is the town I grew up in, and once a year at NYE my old school friends (some call it the Mylkhead crew) get together like a big family reunion. Aside from the usual snacks and drinks and partying, there usually are some interesting “lectures” on a whiteboard and some sort of dance party in the basement. Here are some photos.

If You Liked the Bittorrent Song…

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Then you might like this video. This one is how the Mylkhead’s all got started. It’s worth the watch. For more of the music, check out myspace.com/boxomylk.

Basically it’s a music video featuring lots of milk, dancing, and a cg bboy. Most people who are familiar with my work, know about this video. But for you first timers, it’s time you got filled in. Watch.