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BOXOMYLK – Rabbits on the 213th

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Here a song I made about 7 months ago, which was my first BOXOMYLK track in quite some time. If you’re unfamiliar, sometimes I make my own music under the alias BOXOMYLK. It’s a mix between funky breaks, pop punk, and nintendo. I’ve done some with vocals but most are without. Most of my songs were done from 2001-2005. You can actually download my albums Cinemaniac and Commence the Sickness over at Bandcamp.

If You Liked the Bittorrent Song…

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Then you might like this video. This one is how the Mylkhead’s all got started. It’s worth the watch. For more of the music, check out myspace.com/boxomylk.

Basically it’s a music video featuring lots of milk, dancing, and a cg bboy. Most people who are familiar with my work, know about this video. But for you first timers, it’s time you got filled in. Watch.

Smokey Bowling Alley

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Disgusting. I was bowling with Kim and some friends tonight and it was one huge packed bowling alley. And of course, there are tons of careless fools smoking it up. I could barely breath. Normally it’s not so bad. But today it felt like the air was this thick smog and I couldn’t help but suck it down. I am sitting here at my computer and I just have this disgusting stench of smoke. It’s horrible. And now my coat is coated in the shit too. I hate that. It reminds me of a song I made a few years ago called “smokey bowling alley.”

And I am not the only one who must think this way. There are little kids running around everywhere and their moms with missing teeth and nascar boyfriends ignore them and smoke their existence (and mine) away. Awful. Listen to the song and go vote for a smoking ban on public places. Especially place where kids play.

Download Smokey Bowling Alley

mylkhead video on the IFC!

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Well, it’s a good chance! The IFC had this cool thing where you could upload your short film and it gets put on display on their website. And the best ones get put on the IFC channel on cable. There are more details on the site.

But I need you guys to vote for my video. It’s the famous BOXOMYLK video with the cg bboy character that I spent many sleepless nights working on.

And use the “send to friend” feature to show it to people who haven’t seen it yet. As of right now, it’s in the top 10 in the Experimental category. And I really think we can get it to #1 if you all give the video a 10. So spend 5-10 minutes helping and showing your support. And if gets on IFC, you can say you had an impact. Every vote counts.

Watch and Vote for it here: