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I’m Hosting a 30-Day Wake Up Early Challenge

So guess what? The kind folks at Lift read my blog post about my morning routine and they’ve asked me to coach a Wake Up Early 30-Day Challenge in their app!

The challenge is live and you can join right now.  If you want to formally participate and check-in each day, you’ll need to create a free account on Lift.

wake up early challenge

The Challenge

What would your life be like if you woke up early for a year? Ok that’s quite a reach. What about just 30 days? I think you can do that. If you already wake up early, good for you. Maybe this can inspire your routine a little or maybe you can help others who are in the challenge.

Waking up early was hard for me when I started. I kept hitting snooze and had no motivation. I used elements I learned from the book The Power of Habit to trigger positive feelings that would reward me for getting out of bed. Every morning I would watch an episode of some addictive TV series while I drank my morning coffee. By the end I was usually inspired to do something productive like read, journal, meditate, go for a walk, etc.

Uninterrupted time just for you

If you are frustrated with your daily routine or are suffering from anxiety, fear, depression, and guilt for not doing what you know you are capable of – then consider taking this challenge with us.

Each day there’s a new tip and video where I explain a key component of building a life-changing morning routine. I say the words life-changing on purpose. Because the whole reason I started getting up earlier was to feel better. It was to get myself out of depression and find happiness and meaning. At first it was just about giving myself some uninterrupted quiet time that I couldn’t get anywhere else. It was finally a chance to work on my own well-being. Something I never thought was possible. And by the end of the first month I started telling people how much I was inspired by the changes that occurred.

The changes I felt were mind-blowing. The biggest of which was a massive spiritual awakening through lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. I got obsessed with meditation and voraciously read books and listened to podcasts about consciousness, spirituality, the ego, life purpose, productivity, and a myriad of other self-help books. I became a witness to my fears and insecurities that were holding me back and had the opportunity to heal them. This all started with giving myself special time each morning to dedicate to improving my life.

How to join the challenge:

  1. Visit this page and join the challenge. You need a free Lift account to officially participate in the daily check-ins, but technically you can do this challenge without the aid of an app.
  2. Check in each day using your Lift app on your mobile device or the web interface. Read the daily tips and watch the videos for inspiration.
  3. Optionally hire me as a personal coach directly within the app.  You get to chat directly with the me every day!

You can also ask questions or post messages in to the group discussion. This is designed to get you excited and inspired to wake up early and stick to the habit. Lift has a wonderful way of making it feel good to do so.

A reward for completing the challenge

Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

I will give everyone who completes the challenge a FREE digital copy of my upcoming ebook Wake Up: The Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life. It’s expected to be released in early 2015. To get your free copy, take a screenshot of your check-in screen for the Day 30 of the challenge. And email it to me at jeff (at)

I’m available as a coach

I’m also available as a personal coach directly through the Lift app. Here’s my coaching page.  It’s $14.99 per week and you get to chat with me directly on a daily basis. You can get the first week of coaching free with coupon COACHME

Good luck to you!

I wish you luck along with inspiration and determination. I can’t wait to see what you uncover about your self through this powerful habit. What will you use it for?


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