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Unicole Unicron

Unicole Unicron – Pop Star Cult Leader and Spiritual Sex Tape Maker (ep 26)

Ask yourself a few questions: Is it wrong for a self-proclaimed spiritual leader to make a high-priced sex tape on purpose to get more exposure for her work? Is it unethical to outwardly say you are brainwashing your audience? Is it bad to advertise that you run a cult and seek followers? Is it unsafe for someone to be obsessed with celebrity culture and dream to be famous one day?

Or is intent everything? 

In episode 26 of the Maker/Mistaker podcast, you are in for a treat. Today’s guest is Unicole Unicron, who describes herself as a “Pop Star Cult Leader and Digital Salvationist, or spiritual transhumanist… highly productive and creates content on a variety of platforms.”

She’s one of the most interesting and creative humans I’ve ever met. She too suffered from severe anxiety and depression and feeling like she did not fit in no matter where she went. She describes tools on how she was able to find her way out of the darkness of depression and into the light of self-love and joy.

Her goal is to inspire others to live in a constant state of JOY and she uses a variety of digital platforms to express that message. But what makes her so unique and interesting to me is how she flips the script on the methods that the occult elite have used for centuries to manipulate the masses and gain their own version of power based on greed.

But what if you knew how to use those techniques to spread a positive message and empower others?

I love how she just flat out OWNS her desires and intentions.

She certainly challenges a lot of assumptions and at first glance you might think she’s crazy. But she’s incredibley aware, intellegent, and thoughtful. Listen to the episode and decide for yourself.

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Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Who is Unicole Unicron?
  • Why does she call herself a Pop Star Cult Leader?
  • How did you get your occult aesthetic?
  • Do you call yourself a Starseed?
  • What was your awakening like?
  • Suffering from severe depression and anxiety
  • Not fitting into society no matter what she did
  • Healing out of depression, slowly but surely
  • We The Arcturians book triggering Starseed awakening
  • Not resonating with the Pleiadians at the time
  • Why do you use the term Brainwashing?
  • Brainwashing for good and not greed
  • What is JOY and how to
  • The path to Joy = Ascension
  • Obsession with celebrity culture
  • Celebrities are our modern-day spiritual leaders
  • Why we are obsessed with celebrity?
  • Finding your light in the darkness
  • Your mess is your message
  • Unialarms – waking up to affirmations
  • Collaborating with other Starseeds
  • Living in the Unitopia – Heaven on Earth
  • The big picture – what does the future look like?
  • Unicole’s five steps to JOY
    • Cynicism
    • Attention
    • Truth
    • Creation
    • Time & Dedication
  • Attachment to our pain and fear
  • You can CHOOSE to be in love or happiness
  • Choosing happiness is like lifting weights
  • How do we deal with our negative emotions?
  • Authenticity and truth
  • Channeling Mother Earth
  • Being true to yourself really is changing the world
  • The power of FOCUSING our consciosness
  • The power of ATTENTION – a commodity/commodeity
  • Why do you want to be famous?
  • Sex Tape – Uniporn
  • How does the sex tape fit into your vision?
  • Sexuality is HOLY
  • Unicole’s reasons why she is making a porn film
  • Shames around making money and sexuality
  • Cam Church every Sunday Morning
  • Sex – Casual, Monogamous, Telepathic
  • Sex is more than just physical or spiritual
  • Am I still not drinking coffee?

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Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

Jeff is a graphic artist, designer, musician, writer, and mystic with a passion for truth and personal growth. He's the author of Wake Up, Maker/Mistaker, and Thread's Not Dead, as well as the creator of Starseed Supply Co. Learn more about him here.

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