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Love, Sex, and Building my Tribe (ep 12)

A common theme on my trip has been following my heart, surrendering to love, and awakening my sexuality. Yes, my sexuality. And I'm already feeling triggered and embarrassed just mentioning that. In this episode I break down my week on the road as I traveled through Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Georgia, and Asheville, North Carolina. I seem to be drawn…
Jeff Finley
September 18, 2015
Love & Relationships

Road Trip Update: Not Afraid of Love

I'm three weeks into my cross-country trip called the #starseedtour. It's been a wild ride filled with beauty, romance, love, risk, uncertainty, hope, disappointment, and courage. If there's one major lesson I have learned on this trip is that I fully understand the pain of separation and the desire to connect. In every city I visit, there is one dominant…
Jeff Finley
September 1, 2015