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Professional Cuddling & Sexual Healing

I've been doing quite a bit of research and experimenting with desire and the guilt that I often carry with it. Two people who have inspired me lately is Marcia B and Betty Martin. I have recently read Richard Unger's book Lifeprints, and determined how my fingerprints relate to my life lessons. (Read this post about my rare palms.) Sure enough, when…
Jeff Finley
July 26, 2016
Love & RelationshipsPodcast

Leandra Vane – Trophy Wife: Sexuality, Disability, and Femininity (ep 22)

I'm quite excited about this episode of the podcast. I talk with Leandra Vane, author of one of my favorite books Trophy Wife: Sexuality, Disability, Femininity. It might be one of my more "controversial" episodes because we talk openly about sex, porn, disability, kink, BDSM, sexual fantasies, open relationships, fear, shame, and shit. Leandra has a way about her that makes these…
Jeff Finley
December 10, 2015
Love & RelationshipsPodcast

Uncovering “The Truth” about Sex and Relationships with April Hannah (ep 19)

Two weeks ago I got message from April Hannah, whom you might remember from an older podcast about her Path Documentary Series. She had been listening to some of my recent podcast episodes about dating, love, and relationships and reached out to me to relate some of her own ideas. April is a well read and experienced psychotherapist and holistic mental health…
Jeff Finley
November 6, 2015
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