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Synchronicity and Living a Magical Life with Todd Acamesis – Part 1 (ep 17)

I’m super pumped for this two part interview I did with Todd Acamesis. It will inspire you! Todd is a guy that has figured out how to turn daily life into a magical life. One that smashes boring routine and brings back that childlike wonder on a regular basis. He acts as an agent of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. He goes out of his way, or rather GETS out of the way, to let synchronicity be a driving force in his life.

Imagine rolling dice and letting complete strangers tell you what to do next. There’s trusting your intuition, and then there’s trusting a stranger’s intuition! Todd spent his younger years hitchhiking and trusting strangers, knowing that a larger, unseen force is guiding him to just what he needs. He releases worry and anxiety and lives in the present moment and is full of love, joy, and childlike glee. He’s a super inspiring person to talk to, and I’m very happy to have him as a guest on my podcast.

Listen to the PART 1 of my interview with him above.

So what’s synchronicity? What’s a magical life?

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that felt really meaningful? Like, not an ordinary coincidence. But one of those magical moments in life where you feel that things just lined up perfectly for you? Meeting someone at the right moment at the right time or when you think about a person and they call you. Those are simple examples of synchronicity.

What if you could actually amplify or control these experiences to some degree? How the heck can you let go of control and trust this unseen force that many people call God, the Universe, Synchronicty, or WHATEVER. In fact, that’s the beauty of this. You don’t have to have to believe in God, have faith in anything, or be a member of any religion. You just have to open your mind and heart for a brief moment and accept that there may be more to life than you know. And then use your imagination and allow yourself to have fun.

Then go with the flow. And see where it takes you. You’ll notice you’ll have plenty of judgement and fear pop up and that’s ok. But what if you put it aside for now and let yourself be a kid? Todd has organized what he calls “Synchronicity Walks” where he gathers a group of curious and skeptical people for a magical walk through the city. They roll dice and leave the decisions up to “chance.” What happens next is often remarkable and leaves grown adults laughing in disbelief and feeling once dormant sensations of wonder and awe and gratitude. Nothing like direct experience to expand your consciousness!

Todd recently designed a deck of cards to offer suggestions and ideas to make the walks more fun. I had the pleasure of doing the illustration and graphic design for these cards and I’m so excited for them to be released and start hosting my own synchronicity walks.

The power of synchronicity doesn’t just happen on these walks, but in every day life. With practice you can feel more alive and more magical instead of boring and predictable. Thank you Todd for bringing this to the masses! Enjoy the episode!

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Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

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