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Spiritual Advice vs Human Experience

This week, Bashar popped into my YouTube algorithm with a video about ​work and earning money​. Interesting. Very on-theme for me. Let’s see what this non-physical entity who lives outside of time and space has to say.

He says to act on what you are most excited about and drop any expectation of the outcome. If you can continue to do that, to the best of your ability, you will be supported and guided by synchronicity. Life will be good.

Firstly, this works. I have experienced it on several occasions. However, I (and most people I know) frequently fall off the wagon and are left feeling like we’re doing it wrong. Just like in the ​Busting Loose books​, you know what you’re supposed to do, but it’s hard to remember to do it all the time.

This leads me to an important thing I’m noticing.

After being into this stuff for almost a decade, these higher spiritual beings know a lot about “the way things really are” from their perspective. But they don’t seem to have much patience for the lived human experience.

I made this comment on a ​video Unicole Unicron​ this week. She was talking about naturally arriving at “Be Here Now” through her real life experience (opposed to following spiritual advice from gurus such as ​Ram Dass​).

I’m noticing a pattern in a lot of spiritual advice. It’s given from a higher perspective (which can see the big picture) and it’s received from a lower perspective (that which can only see what’s in front of them).

It’s like watching a movie. You know it’s not real, but the characters don’t. They’re fictional, but were crafted by creative directors and producers and performed by actors. The actors aren’t supposed to break character or be self-aware. They’re playing a role and helping tell a story.

That’s kind of what life looks like from the spiritual perspective.

You have both this “higher” spiritual self and the “lower” human self.

But this advice isn’t coming from your higher self, but from external gurus, ascended masters, angels, lightworkers, etc. These so-called higher beings are communicating from their disembodied, non-physical perspective.

They aren’t in the movie. They’re watching it.

Do you ever yell at the screen while watching a scary movie? “Don’t go in there!” But the dumb character still does and they get killed. Shoulda known! We laugh and we cry and enjoy the film with a lot less seriousness than if we were really living it.

It’s kinda like that.

Robert Scheinfeld, author of the Busting Loose books, describes our reality is a total immersion movie. One where we are fully immersed in the story that is our life, and have intentionally forgotten about who we really are so that we can experience life in this limited form.

When we receive insights from spiritual teachers we might feel a resounding “yes!” within because we know it to be true on a deep level. But after we leave and get back to our normal life, we forget or fall back into our old ways. So the spiritual advice starts to feel like an aspirational ideal. One we have a hard time living up to.

Darryl even says that he just channels Bashar’s wisdom and what people do with that advice is up to them. He doesn’t have any skin in the game. He says it’s on humans to follow his teachings or not.

While I approve of his non-attachment to the outcome, it’s also opening the door for victim blaming. The common refrain of, “it’s not my fault the teachings didn’t work for you. If they don’t work, it must be because you didn’t do it right.”

You didn’t try hard enough. You have limiting beliefs. You messed up somehow. So you keep coming back to the teacher for more insights and advice. You know what he says is true, so why can’t you get on board?

The Human Experience

Bashar talks a lot about changing your beliefs. That your entire experience of reality is based on what you believe to be true. Don’t like the reality you’re experiencing? Change your beliefs. Stop choosing faulty or unhelpful beliefs, silly! They act like it’s so easy to just change your mindset and experience a healthy and happy reality.

They astutely claim that we are programmed with all sorts of limiting beliefs during our formative years. But what they fail to mention is that this is how this reality is designed. Our human vessel is designed in such a way that makes us prone to all sorts of cognitive distortions.

We are living in a realm where other beings must consume other living beings to survive. Where ​operant conditioning​ (reward and punishment) is how we are raised. Life on Earth ​is harsh​ and most of us really don’t want to think about it.

So it’s no wonder we’re always fighting against ourselves (our conditioning) on the spiritual path. Most of us seek out spiritual truths as a direct response to our suffering here. We want to escape our experience here through all sorts of distractions and addictions. When we get a taste of our true spiritual home, it can feel tremendously underwhelming to return back to your flawed human self.

I would argue that our experience of suffering is by design. It’s a beacon from our higher self to wake up. Like when this reality stops making sense and we begin to question what is really real. It gets us on the true quest and we start looking for answers.

What’s Missing

Spiritual teachers like Bashar do a lot of talking. What’s missing is the listening. Instead of sitting on a throne doling out advice in a unidirectional lecture, where is him sitting with those who are struggling and being in it with them.

They pay lip service to the human condition. They talk about unconditional love and how we’re All One. From the higher perspective, yes, that is true. I’ve had non-dual experiences with and without psychedelics and I have experienced the obvious nature of this truth when I’m in that state. It all makes sense. But then I’m back in my body as Jeff going through Jeff’s life. I cannot escape that.

A force greater than little Jeff is wanting this human experience more than Jeff is wanting a spiritual experience.

When someone you know is suffering, and in pain, there’s a knee jerk reaction to step in and help them feel better. Of course. Sometimes they don’t even want to be there themselves, so they’re looking for a way to get away from their pain.

Sometimes this is you. A lot of times it is you.

But how often do we just sit with someone (or our self) in discomfort and ask, “wow, what must it be like for you?” No giving advice. No trying to use techniques or rituals to get out of it. But to just be with them. To listen and feel with a full heart.

This is what it’s like to be a human.

I appreciate everything Bashar and his spiritual buddies have to say. Not trying to be too hard on them. It’s just that you can easily make excuses for some of the awful things that go on here when you’re not the one experiencing it.

As Unicole said in her video, she alluded to higher beings receiving “data” about her experience. She’s down here going through the pains of being human while they are observing, analyzing, collecting data, and living vicariously through you. They say you’re a ​brave soul​ for choosing to come to earth.

There are many of us, like Unicole, who feel like we came to Earth not just to experience being human, but as part of some larger mission. To wake up from the dream and to help others along the way.

This other guy Harold, claims to have ​pre-birth memories​ where he didn’t want to leave his spiritual home because Earth is known for being a very tough realm where you forget who you are and can ​get stuck​ in a reincarnation loop. But higher spiritual beings convinced him to go anyway.

So what I’m saying is that being human is just as important as being spiritual. Consider this me standing up to spiritual purists and advocating for life here as we experience it.

I’ll leave you with this excellent ​long-form interview with Darryl Anka​, the guy who channels Bashar. He says some wonderful things about abundance that I really like. You can ​skip to that part​.

Abundance is having what you need when you need it. Period.

Darryl Anka / Bashar

I like it because it’s not about money or luxury or whatever you’d put on your vision board. It’s not about living an “aspirational” lifestyle. He goes on to talk about what we actually need vs what we think we want. Very good stuff.

It’s simple. It’s enough.

Have a good weekend ✌️


Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

Jeff is a graphic artist, designer, musician, writer, and mystic with a passion for truth and personal growth. He's the author of Wake Up, Maker/Mistaker, and Thread's Not Dead, as well as the creator of Starseed Supply Co. Learn more about him here.

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