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Lucid Dreamer Patch

(116 customer reviews)


The official patch for Lucid Dreamers, Astral Travelers, and Out of Body Explorers is here!

  • Embroidered patch
  • Measures 2.4″ x 3″
  • Iron-on adhesive backing
  • Designed and Illustrated by Jeff Finley

In stock

Have you ever realized you were dreaming in the middle of a dream? Have you ever been able to fly or manipulate the dream in any way? Do you practice “reality checks” during the middle of the day like putting your finger through your hand? Do you read books by Stephen LaBerge, Charlie Morley, or Robert Waggoner? Wear this Lucid Dreamer patch as a badge of achievement or as a beacon to call out to other lucid dreamers to notice you and strike up a conversation.

Starseed Supply Co. patches are perfect for spiritual renegades and new age punks. This metaphysical fashion accessory will look great on your denim jacket, jeans, backpack, or laptop bag. Can be applied with a hot iron or fabric glue. Show off your interest in the esoteric and occult with these high quality iron on patches designed by Jeff Finley of Starseed Supply Co.

Weight1 oz
Dimensions7 × 3.5 × .2 in

116 reviews for Lucid Dreamer Patch

  1. R

    Beautiful patch, great quality and beautiful colors. Definitely recommend Starseed.

  2. Emilie König

    fast shipping times, lovely packaging. very pretty patches that are even nicer in person due to the shimmer in some of the threading. thank you so much!

  3. Anastasia Burke

    Ordered this and the Astral Traveler patch. Love them both! :)

  4. Jennifer Wilcox

    Everything I purchase from this shop is exactly as described, very high quality, and the shipping is super fast. Thank you!

  5. Three Thousand

    A lucid dream is a type of dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming.

  6. Morten Agerfeldt

    Great quality, seller was very helpful, and it arrived earlier than expected.

  7. WhenSnakesPurr

    This is a great shop! The shipping was super fast and it is such a cool patch!

  8. jazmyngunderson

    It's just as described. Plus the sicker and simple thank you was a great addition

  9. Anton

    Great buy, thanks a lot!

  10. rtbfFirstName210072433 rtbfLastName210072433

    Awesome patch, great quality!

  11. Joe Cee

    Great packaging, great product, and fast shipping! Love the sticker too ?❤

  12. Nicole Mensick

    The embroidery is so beautiful on this patch. In crazy about it, it nearly sparkles! And the color is perfect.

  13. Roxanne Barco

  14. Michael Cooper

    just came in the other day
    absolutely love the quality (:

  15. dan ryan

    Amazing patch I literally ordered it and it was here the very next day. The quality and detail was above and beyond. The weirdest part of all this I had a dream where are you doing exactly what is happening with the hands in the patch. This triggered me to remember that I was dreaming and was my first lucid dream but my first one that I've had in awhile very next day I came across the patch I knew I had to order it whether you believe me or not the choice is yours.

  16. Gabriel Brown

    I got this for a friend who practices lucid dreaming. He loved it. Thank you for the free stickers!

  17. Ami Akuti

    Can’t wait to put this on my jacket. Thank you for the sticker as well!

  18. Kylie Johnson

    Great quality and an app around awesome looking patch. Love the colors, thanks for the dreaming merch!

  19. Kayla Gasztonyi

    Both patches came very quickly and are both vibrant and beautiful! Thank you!!!

  20. Lisa

    I teach a lucid dreaming class and this patch is perfect and hilarious. High quality and shipped quickly – thank you!

  21. Emmalene Meyers

    I love it! Can't wait to put it on my backpack. Loved the extra stickers thrown in there <3

  22. Gavin Caramella

    This is going on an unfinished project, but the quality of it amazing and the pictures don’t give it justice

  23. Nick

  24. Sierra

    Amazing, beautiful patch. Came within 3 days. It was even sent with some stickers + a tiny thank you note! I've wanted this patch for years but never had anything to put in on, so I'm totes gonna rock it on my new jean jacket, and put the stickers to good use, too ;) I definitely recommend Starseed Supply Co. and will be buying more! :)

  25. Ariana L’Heureux

    The design and quality are great, and it was a very appreciated gift. Thank you!

  26. Lu Lo Coco

  27. delphine

    Genial, vraiment satisfaite de mon achat ! envoi rapide, merci !!!! :D

  28. Dean

    Amazing product! Amazing detail and work, clearly the makers of this know what they’re doing! I love the design and uniqueness of it! And it shipped in no time! I’m so excited to add this to my patch jacket!

  29. Celia

    Amazing quality. Vibrant and detailed. Love them so much. Thay even threw in some stickers.

  30. Kevin Tufts

    Can't wait to get this patch added to my travel bag! The design and quality is incredible!

  31. manifestationart1


  32. pantomimedame

  33. Maris Herrera

    Awesome patch! Came with some nice stickers. Shipping was fast everything turned out good!

  34. Jennifer Geyer

  35. Aurora G.

    Simply perfect :)

  36. angelhawk77

  37. Jeanie Peaden

  38. jesseleguee

    Fast shipping time. My wife loves her new patch!

  39. Bec Strax

    Shipped quickly and well-packaged! Colors not exactly as shown, much brighter/more saturated in real life. Might be a plus for others.

  40. Goddess Supplies

    Lovely patches and very fast shipping. Thank you so much!

  41. Emily

    I got this three days after I placed the order! Super speedy delivery and arrived in awesome condition. I love it!

  42. Paola Nunez Linares

  43. Cheyenne Rawhoof

  44. Chrissy

    Excellent quality, thank you so much! ?✌

  45. Anna H

    Really cool concept and the colors are so pretty – definitely one of my most unique patches!

  46. magicknox

    Love love love! And quick shipping!!! Thank you!

  47. Amy Love

  48. jyparsa

  49. Robert Yamashita

    Great craftsmanship!

  50. Marshall Kilgore

  51. chucklebucket

    Perfect. Great quality (and packaging)!

  52. Miranda Obscura

  53. Kate Yushchenko

    Awesome! My boyfriend liked it so much!

  54. Tara

  55. cruzliliana75

  56. Heather Montoya

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to get this sewn onto my embroidery bag

  57. Madison

  58. Hilary Usrey

    Quality Patches with some heart and soul <3

  59. Matthias Smith

  60. Tyler Murphy

    Looks great, thanks so much!

  61. Terrica Davis

    I love it so much! Looks exactly like the picture. I will be buying from this seller again! Thank you~

  62. Donteau Tilley

  63. Alexandra Schwalbe

  64. nilo714

    Amazing quality!

  65. frog

    i love this patch so much, the colors and design are Perfect. it was shipped out super quick and looks amazing

  66. Gilded Buck

    Love the patches!

  67. thekittyhat

  68. kzygmontas

  69. Sky Cody

    Perfect condition, delivered right on time. I loved it!! Not too big but not too small

  70. Foca Bilota

    Great Item, really well made

  71. Avalon Quental

    Got the patch a few days before I expected it, which was a huge bonus! It fit in really nicely with my costume idea, and looks amazing too!

  72. Sarah Melnikoff

  73. Dyan Medina

  74. Carla Marquez

  75. Kristen Foor

  76. Daul Ruran

    I can't stop dreaming. This baby is beautiful!

  77. Eon H.

    The colors are amazing and great quality, also shipped on time

  78. Michelle Flores

    Love the design. Thanks so much!

  79. TealeafFreeleaf

  80. Stone Spiral Gifts

    I just love this patch so much. It's great quality and arrived super fast. Very happy with this purchase!

  81. Abbie

    What a beautiful patch and I'll proudly wear it on my jacket! The picture doesn't do the colors justice, it's so pretty. Very fast shipping, and I'll definitely be coming back this shop for more!

  82. Emmanuelle Prouveur

    Gorgeous and very well made. I'm very satisfied ! Thank you !

  83. Threyon

  84. Garrett Jurss

    Love this shop's vibe! The patch shipped and arrived very quickly. I got this as a gift for someone, and they love it. Thank you!

  85. Daniel Brown

  86. Samantha S

  87. Alexandra Duprey

    This patch was quick to ship and is of the highest quality. Thank you!

  88. Jackie Fleckenstein

    Perfect patch and fast shipping. Thank you.

  89. nevesdane

    Great patch, goes wonderfully with my Laberge book!
    Packaging was neat-o with a nice note and some cool stickers

  90. Justus Quimby

    Very cool, looks great. I was impressed by the quality of the material and the speed of the shipping. Thank you!

  91. Kayla Daniels

  92. Alice Rose Black

    Wonderfully put together patch, will order from you again in the future.

    – Alice

  93. loganthompson27

  94. brimicoo

  95. Gabrielle Russo

  96. Chloe Raines

    shipped really fast, cool badge!

  97. Ashley Tristán

    Super fast shipping, great branding, and the patch is super high quality! Thank you so much.

  98. AvresAnnms

    Beautiful patch, high quality and fast shipment! Thank you!

  99. MermaidsPie

    Um. So, I can't say enough about how great this patch is. Maybe the best purchase I've ever made on Etsy. It's even cooler in person (who knew that was possible?!) and grateful for the fast shipping. Outstanding packaging too. Order from this shop people, you won't regret it!

  100. Kate McCorkle

  101. Nicole Ponthieux

    Exactly as pictured, fast delivery!

  102. Sunny Chiu

    Item as described, easy to iron and stitch on to canvas jacket.

  103. Keegan Cogdill

  104. wilfried barray

    Très bonne qualité et un service rapide Merci

  105. Selena Duran

    just like the picture (:

  106. Trae Gonzalez

    Love this patch! Super fast delivery

  107. Chelsea Robinson

  108. Emma Griffin

    beautiful, vibrant colors, and thanks for getting it to me quickly!

  109. The Smol

  110. Elizabeth Garard

    Adore this patch. Thank you so much! <3

  111. Morgan Smith

  112. Margot Mazauric

    I just received this patch and it looks just like the picture :) A big thanks from France!

  113. achav048

  114. skypetestcall


  115. jmanfoste

  116. Grace Vogt

    Absolutely gorgeous piece! Great colors. Will buy from again.

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