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Last week I moved back in with my parents after my wife and I officially separated. Yesterday I hit the road to embark on my solo road trip across the country! I’m calling it the #starseedtour of inspiration and discovery.

I have not traveled solo like this before. And with all the stuff that’s happened in my life the past two years, I really need this. Having moved on from Go Media, WMC Fest, and now my marriage, I have practically nothing holding me back to my old life. The only thing left is my new life.

Jeff Finley Road Trip

I begin my trip driving from my parents home in Salem, OH to Columbus, OH to visit some friends for a couple nights. Then I’m off to drive west! I brought a tent and some sleeping bags and plan on camping a little bit too.

I’ll be in cities out west like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sedona, and Roswell. Then I will stop in Texas for Circles Conference on my way to the Monroe Institute in Virginia for the Out of Body Intensive Workshop. I’ll be gone for almost two months.

The inspiration on my trip is grounded in my authentic desire to seek truth, beauty, love, adventure, and freedom. I have a few special people I plan to meet on my trip anchoring me in time/space for those days. But other than that, I’m just going to go with the flow and see where my curiosity leads me.

Follow along with my trip on Instagram at #StarseedTour

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