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Free Class – Create the Perfect Morning Routine

I was invited to teach a class on Skillshare, so I thought I’d go with what I have been working on lately, personal growth. The class is called “Create Your Perfect Morning Routine” and it’s in line with what you will read in my latest book Wake Up. The class is a free, online video course with a bunch of videos of me talking about how to build a morning routine centered around happiness and personal growth. The book and this course go hand in hand.

It’s free to enroll in the class and you learn at your own pace. Part of the class is submitting a project – in this case it’s your detailed morning routine. That’s pretty easy huh?

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Why Free?

I decided to make the class free because Skillshare is typically hosts online classes about the creative process. Since my new class was different, I didn’t know how well it would do if I put a price tag on it.

About the Class

The class is aimed at taking control of your mornings. You don’t have to wake up early to do this, but it helps. Lots of people have a rushed and stressful morning. When I made the choice to revamp my mornings, it quite literally changed my life because it meant that much to me.

So this is how I introduce the class. By allowing you to take a look at your current morning routine and assess how well it’s helping you and your goals.

What does your current morning routine look like?

  • A hurried and frenzied rush out the door?
  • Sleeping in until the last possible minute?
  • Mindlessly checking social media and not being productive?

What are your thoughts before you get out of bed?

  • I didn’t get enough sleep
  • I’m not looking forward to today
  • I wish I didn’t have to go to work today

Let’s change that! 


What does your ideal morning look like?

  • Plenty of time to breathe and relax
  • Includes meditation, yoga, exercise, or nature
  • Self-love, gratitude, compassion, appreciation
  • Hobbies, curiosities, joy, passion, enthusiasm

Purpose, Presence, and Peace

In this class you will learn how to create a morning routine filled with purpose, presence, and peace. You’ll be more energized, productive, and content – all before the start of your workday.

I will teach you about popular habits like meditation, exercise, gratitude, affirmations, journaling, reading, etc. Start your morning by doing things that feed your soul and make you happy.

Learn how to wake up early every day. Become a habit master!

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