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Feeling Emotional Pain is Not Bad

It’s been a tough week emotionally, but I’m getting through it. Ever since I’ve moved to Austin it’s like I’ve been experience rapid-fire life lessons. Lots of stored emotional pain regarding money and loneliness have been bubbling up into my awareness for healing,

I have noticed an intuition to continue to follow my heart and face the fear of “going broke” while doing it. I’ve noticed the ego panicking and wanting to jump back into the matrix for security. But at the same time, I have this really strong faith in my higher self that I will be supported on my journey. And that facing this fear of poverty is part of my lesson in learning to trust my spirit for security instead of money. It’s hard because I was raised in a family where money was always elusive and hard to get. And this belief goes back generations! Even when I have money in my bank account or retirement fund, I still feel a subtle sense of scarcity or fear that it could all slip away or that the money will dry up if I ever take a break from working. This belief has usually put the “hustle” my step and motivated me to “work hard” like a good boy.

But my spirit is telling me this is not the way to live. This is not how it’s meant to be. We are meant to thrive and create from our hearts and be our most authentic selves. We are meant to live in abundance. Having the intuition is one thing, but seeing it reflected in my day to day reality is another!

I’ve also noticed myself longing for a companion to fill the void that has been left after the divorce. But that has been remedied by some amazing new friends here in Austin who are very empowering. I have also noticed that I’m getting more and more fulfillment from being alone. I get crazy downloads, realizations, and insights. I feel way more connected to my spirit. I have even had inklings of contact with my extra-terrestrial friends and I have a sense that this is going to grow the more I open to it.

Feeling the emotional pain is part of the healing.

One of my friends on Facebook said this the other day:

Feeling emotional pain is not bad or necessarily a cry for help.

One thing I’ve realized is that I avoid sharing some of this stuff publicly because of how people respond to my pain or struggles. They get concerned and want me to feel happy so they are quick to give me advice, recommend a book, provide a solution to my pain, etc. But sometimes the feeling I get is that they don’t understand me, or they think they know better what I need. I end up feeling misunderstood despite their good intentions.

I am not ashamed of my pain nor am I complaining or trying to gain sympathy. I know other Starseeds, empaths, and lightworkers are going through similar things and to us, this is just part of the work. The caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

The best thing that you can do to support someone going through these spiritual growing pains is to listen, be present, and validate their feelings. Positive encouragement, not sympathy or pity. Don’t make assumptions about what you think they need because they themselves know deep down what they need. We aren’t here to fix or change anyone anymore. Each individual knows his or her best path to healing, but we often doubt this fact about ourselves.

If you know someone going through pain or struggle, you can ask them how best you can support them. Giving advice is not always what they’re looking for. Sometimes they just need a listening ear, your conscious presence, a hug, or a laugh. Just you asking is often enough!


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