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We Should Be Working Podcast with Jeff and Zach

New Podcast! We Should Be Working is Live!

I’m excited to finally launch the podcast that Zach and I have been working on for the past month. It’s called We Should Be Working. You can find it anywhere you get your podcasts.

It’s also on ​YouTube​ if you wanna see our faces and comment.

We Should Be Working Podcast is out now!

Both Zach and I are going through a career change and we discuss the perils of looking for a job and hustling (or not) in the creator economy. We explore the struggle between what we WANT to do vs what we SHOULD do (or what we think we should do at least).

We hope that by talking it out every week that we’ll arrive somewhere better than when we started. Follow us on our journey as we explore the ins and outs of work and life as a creative soul.

Click here to go to the ​podcast home page​ with links to subscribe on all major podcast platforms.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. So don’t be afraid to comment, provide feedback, or ask us questions.

Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

Jeff is a graphic artist, designer, musician, writer, and mystic with a passion for truth and personal growth. He's the author of Wake Up, Maker/Mistaker, and Thread's Not Dead, as well as the creator of Starseed Supply Co. Learn more about him here.

Articles: 243

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