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A common theme on my trip has been following my heart, surrendering to love, and awakening my sexuality. Yes, my sexuality. And I’m already feeling triggered and embarrassed just mentioning that.

In this episode I break down my week on the road as I traveled through Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Georgia, and Asheville, North Carolina. I seem to be drawn toward connecting with women, but I’m beginning to realize there is a greater purpose for this. Now, in this podcast episode, I get really vulnerable and honest.

I apologize in advance to anyone who hears what I’m saying and is triggered in any way. I must speak my truth, but I always feel unsafe when talking about people and they might listen to the show. But this is my honesty and authentic truth. So if you have an issue with what I’m saying, please talk to me about it.

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Two unrelated people sent me this message last week and a psychic told me I was building my tribe. If you look at the lions, it looks like the females are leading the pack. Boom.


surround yourself on the same mission as you

As I come out of my marriage, which was largely a companionate, non-sexual relationship, I realize how much I had repressed myself in this area. I’m awakening to my sexuality and am starting to see hints of hope and fulfillment coming my way. I want to learn Tantra and learn how to express my truth and own this part of myself and heal emotional wounds. Listen to the episode to hear my story.

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Thanks for listening to me speak from my heart.

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