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Ascent of Humanity

Giving Up Control

I keep noticing a pattern of frustration and lack of control in my conversations with others. I see my friends and loved ones struggle with desperation to achieve or gain control over their life only to come up short again and again. There is usually some thing they are trying to do or get but can’t. Maybe giving up and accepting that maybe

The mantra of “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again” is relevant. Or “Just keep trying, it will happen.” I’m beginning to think that trying harder is not a solution at all, but an old-world paradigm of trying to fix things by applying more effort or more control. When maybe control is not the solution at all?

The idea of “giving up” is frowned upon in our society. We worship champions and those who defy the hand they’re dealt and overcome adversity. We don’t like quitters. Quitting is for losers we say.

What do I mean by giving up control?

I simply mean our “ego” control. We have this idea of how things should be. For example, my wife

I’m currently reading the book The Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein and it’s managing to put into words my feelings that I never could articulate. Basically, as a species, humanity is reaching a crisis point. Why is it that we feel simultaneously the most advanced and progressive we’ve ever been, yet there is more suffering on the planet than ever before? We notice the world is “going down the shitter” and we all sort of feel hopeless to do anything about it. The solution we’ve been sold is to continue to keep consuming and carry on and the governments will fix things by applying more laws and more control. Or repealing certain laws and allow us “freedoms” much akin to a captor letting it’s victim watch an hour of TV. Yippee!

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