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Now is the Time to Create From Our Hearts – with Elz Anders (ep 14)

We hear a lot about following your passion/heart these days, don’t we? We also hear a lot about how messed up this world is with all the violence, war, and unfairness. But what can we do about it? My latest podcast episode was inspired by this amazing blog post by my friend Elz asking “What Will You Create?”. Such an empowered voice!

After reading the post I decided to invite this wise woman on the show. We talk about why now is the time to create from your heart. There is so much fear-based discussion about “the state of the world” and lots of people feeling powerless as to what they can do about it. There’s a lot of complaining and consuming going on, but what about creating?

What does being a heart-centered creator mean anyway? And what’s the alternative? We even talked about how the Pixar movie Inside Out is super relevant to understanding ourselves and becoming more of our true, authentic self. We also talk about why authenticity is becoming a prime directive in this lifetime.

Enjoy the show, and please comment!

Links for the show:

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