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Eagle Spirit Guide

Coincidence? Or a sign of destiny?

This morning I experienced a unique vision in my meditation that was followed up by an odd coincidence (I prefer to call it synchronicity). It led me to feel more confident in following my passions. Before I reveal it too soon, let me tell you what happened.

In my meditation this morning, I journeyed to my sacred garden. The same garden that I’ve been visiting since my first Soul Retrieval session. Normally I go into this refreshing creek and let the water carry me to a meadow where I find my spirit animals and such. On a typical journey, I would cross the meadow to enter a cave which houses the four chambers of my soul.

But this time, my higher self had other plans.

stop clinging and let go

An Unexpected Twist

Instead of getting out of the relaxing stream, the water was rushing fast and was carrying me to a waterfall ahead. I could sense fear and apprehension, but I couldn’t stop myself from being carried over the edge to a free-fall. Obviously, this wasn’t going to physically hurt, but I was scared and not sure what or why I was envisioning this.

Then I felt the presence of two angels catching my fall and lowering me down. Whew. Now, safely wading in the pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall, I looked up at this magical paradise in front of me with awe. I wasn’t sure where to go to next. I could sense “bigness” all around me and I felt love and inspiration everywhere. I felt, “this was here the whole time…”

I had an itch to look up and I saw an eagle fly above me and drop something in my hands. It was a glass bottle and inside was a mini guitar. A guitar? Really?

Understanding Symbolic Treasures

It was a new symbolic treasure to take back with me. In Soul Retrieval journeys like this, one of the four chambers is the Chamber of Treasures. In this chamber you receive a gift – usually taking form in some sort of object that carries special meaning for you. In a literal sense, your subconscious will conjure up the imagery or vision of an object for you. It’s up to you to decide what it means for you.

The guitar was a surprise in the sense I wasn’t expecting to receive it. Or any gift for that matter. I didn’t consciously think that I wanted a guitar. But I wasn’t surprised because it reminded me of my passion for creating music.

There is also symbolism for the eagle as well. Eagles represent a big-picture view of your life. Where you might feel doubt, anxiety, fear, worry, or uncertainty about your life, the eagle has a crystal clear vision of your past, present, and future. But remember, this eagle is YOU. It’s your own inner eagle. You have this power! You can embody the your eagle anytime you choose to harness its gifts.

Eagle totem is the symbol of freedom with powerful symbolic meaning of timing, victory, and spiritual quest; helping you to discover your personal power and the route to the destiny of your choosing. – Universe of Symbolism


After my meditation, I opened my laptop to journal about it and saw this background which I had never seen before.

Eagle and Waterfall Background

Wow. Coincidence? It can’t be. An eagle flying by a waterfall?

You gotta be f*cking kidding me!

Is this a sign that I should take music more seriously?

Aside from this, I keep getting signs that I should pursue this passion of mine with more vigor and fearlessness. In fact, last weekend my Grandfather-in-Law gifted me his 88-key digital piano. Just the year before, my Uncle-in-Law gifted me his old organ.

I don’t even really PLAY piano, although I did try to take lessons last year, but got more into music theory than actually piano playing.

But if those two piano gifts were not enough, I just finished playing a show with my band at my family’s 4th of July party the other day. It was interesting because after my band finished, my two younger brothers picked up the instruments and were having so much fun messing around while my parents looked on in pride and joy.

My youngest brother is learning to play drums. My other brother has a great singing voice and is naturally talented in guitar but hasn’t allowed himself the chance to fully blossom. But me, I love creating songs and playing drums. I understand music theory, songwriting, rhythm, dynamics, chord progressions, hooks, etc. But I can only physically play one instrument. I had to sit back and watch until Scott from my band handed me a bass guitar and told me where the notes D, G, C, and A where so I could follow along. So I plucked along with the chord progression and it was super fun.

My Dad said now would be a good time to learn a different instrument so I can properly jam in a situation like this. I’ve also felt like I eventually needed to learn guitar (or something) so I could sing and perform the songs that I write that are a bit too personal to bring to the band. It always seemed like a “someday, maybe” kind of dream. Besides, I always thought I sucked at singing and that my fingers weren’t flexible enough for guitar.

Pure Joy of Creating

Music has always been this thing that I LOVE to work on. It’s the most engrossing activity that I do where time just flies by. In the past 14 years of making music (in FL Studio or with a band) it never felt like work. For those interested, here’s a link to my solo music project that primarily took place from 2000-2009.

It was always a joy and any obstacles felt like fun challenges rather than stifling roadblocks. I remember in 2004 when I was still living with my parents, after I just finished a new song. I would put it on repeat and listen to it as I fell asleep. I felt so accomplished. So fulfilled. It was pure joy and aliveness. I didn’t care if anyone heard the songs, because I made it for myself.

My business partner Bill would tell me that after he’d drawn something awesome, he would wake up in the middle of the night just to go look at what he drew. He would sit and stare at it with pride and joy. That’s a sign that you are doing what you love.

Limiting Beliefs

I know that I’m going to keep making music, but just how serious to take it? Of course, I immediately have fear-based reactions like, “Oh, I’ll never be able to make a living with music.” “Musicians can’t make money.” Or, “music is just a hobby, it’s something I do after my work is done.” Or, “I have more important work that I should do.”

Those are totally limiting beliefs that WILL hinder me if I choose to keep believing them. But the first step is recognizing these limiting beliefs and then working on reversing them.

Fear-based, limiting beliefs like this are often a sign that you are too scared to let the river of life carry you over the waterfall. Just know that there are angels on the other side that will catch you and guide you.

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