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I’m Completely Changing the Way I Do Podcasts (ep 11)

I talked to a new friend here at Circles and he inspired me to change the way I do my podcast. In fact, I talked to a few people who told me they liked it and want more of it. And I gave them a bunch of excuses why I wasn’t making them so frequently.

Here are my excuses to why I wasn’t podcasting as much:

  • I don’t have anything important to say
  • I dont’ know who else to interview right now
  • It’s too much of a time commitment
  • I think I need a co-host, I can’t do it by myself
  • It’s a pain to edit and write show notes

So this new friend encouraged me to just do it quick and dirty. Raw, real, and unfiltered. Together we shot down each of those excuses:

  • I don’t have anything important to say Bullshit. Just speak from the heart. Don’t worry about teaching anything or being smart. Don’t worry about coming up with something important. Just talk about what you talk about when you are in one of those deep conversations with people you like. Duh!
  • I dont’ know who else to interview right now You don’t need to interview someone every time. Just share all this cool stuff you are into, man! You are growing so fast and learning so much, you talk about it in person with people, why not on the podcast?
  • It’s too much of a time commitment Forget the really long episodes. Do shorter ones that are more spontaneous. 
  • I think I need a co-host, I can’t do it by myself Relying on anyone else is just another barrier to actually doing it. Just speak from the heart! You don’t need a cohost unless it naturally comes up. 
  • It’s a pain to edit and write show notes Then don’t edit them! Seriously, editing and quality is overrated. You aren’t going to win the game of best produced podcast. And it’s not like you are recording in a noisy cafe. Forget the intro music, forget the editing out of bad parts, forget writing detailed show notes that take forever. Just record from the heart and post it. Nothing else really matters. 

So that’s it friends. Enjoy the new episode.

I will be releasing one new episode a week. How long will I do this, well, I can’t promise you anything. And if I try to set expectations, I’ll rebel against them. So I’m just going to post a new episode every Friday. And see how long I can keep it up.

Feel free to ask me questions! I will address them in podcast episodes!


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