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April Hannah and Michael Habernig – Beyond the Physical (ep 09)

Path 11 Mike and April
April Hannah and Michael Habernig of the Path Documentary Series

On Episode 9 of the Maker/Mistaker Podcast, I talk with April Hannah and Mike Habernig, creators of The Path Documentary Series. A documentary trilogy about the afterlife, the realms beyond the physical and the science of consciousness. They are also the hosts of the fascinating Path 11 Podcast where they interview experts in consciousness exploration, out of body experiences, the paranormal, and other esoteric subject matter. Some of their guests include William Bulhman, Teal Swan, Todd Acamesis, Robert Waggoner, and Nancy McMoneagle.

The Path Beyond the Physical

I discovered them after I started researching after my first few out of body experiences. I saw their films Afterlife and Beyond the Physical and they were really well-made and eye opening. At the time I didn’t know much about this stuff so it was all extremely new and mind-blowing. Here are the trailers for the films below. The full films are available to see on Vimeo On-Demand or on Amazon Video.

Mike and April blend the mediums of film, psychotherapy, intuition and visual effects to address the age old questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • What will happen when I die?
  • Is there an afterlife?
  • What is beyond the physical body?
  • What is consciousness?

More about Mike and April (from their website):

Director Michael Habernig, the owner of Habernig Productions and Director of The Path Trilogy, unknowingly at first, created a path for himself. After years of investigation and interviewing experts in the field of healing and consciousness, Michael is slowly unraveling the science of the soul. By creating a series of films, Michael hopes to help viewers by giving a perspective on the subject of consciousness, that they may not have heard before and eventually the viewer will find their own path. His inspiration comes from his own soul’s journey and life experiences when he was confronted with many friends and family members who had died in a short period of time. These deaths in his life quickly sprung him on to his path. Along with running a video production company for over 10 years, Michael Habernig has over 15 years’ experience in film and video production.

Producer April Hannah, the owner of Hannah’s Healing and Producer of The Path Trilogy has been on a path of healing and discovery ever since she was a young girl. She has always had an interest in the metaphysical world ever since she was a young child. Her early childhood experiences inspired and launched her into a career of psychotherapy and wellness while always striving to work on her spiritual path of development. Her goal for The Path Trilogy is to raise the consciousness level of the world, one viewer at a time. April brings a psychological awareness to the film that allows the viewers to connect with the filmmakers and feel connected to the concept that “we are all one” through the viewing of the films. Her experience working with clients in the spiritual realm also assisted in collecting the experts for the documentary. April’s clinical career began in 1999 and since then she has worked with people from all walks of life. Her clinical and healing practice includes having working with people of all ages from veterans, sexual abuse survivors, at risk children, the “severe mentally ill”, people with disabilities and those who are searching for their own path and purpose in life.

Music for this episode (by me):


Links and Resources discussed in this episode:


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Jeff Finley
Jeff Finley

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