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👋 Hey there! I’m Jeff Finley.

I’m a graphic artist, author, and mystic with a passion for truth and personal growth. Check out my design & illustration work, read my books or my blog, shop my merch, download design resources, listen to my old podcast and various music projects. I’ve got an Etsy Shop and teach a Skillshare class. Cool!

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Blog Posts

Mountain Cliff at Sunrise

Pay What You Can Afford?

As I’m becoming increasingly disillusioned and baffled with what to do about money, I feel like trying something new. It’s like I’m phasing out of the old way of doing business into a new way that’s more aligned with… with…

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BOXOMYLK on Bandcamp

Reviving BOXOMYLK Music

I’m working on uploading all of my ​BOXOMYLK music​ to Bandcamp and streaming platforms. I managed to get four new albums (actually old ones) up there this week! This was my first foray into music production beginning in 2000. I…

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