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I was home sick today with a head cold and feeling pretty terrible. This was the perfect opportunity to watch a movie that I know Kim would not want to watch with me and that is Yeast. The film is directed by Mary Bronstein, which happens to be the wife of Frownland director Ronald Bronstein.

From the director:

“Yeast” explores the grinding mechanics of friendships that have run their course . . . they are Ebola-infested, maggot-filled and bursting at the seams.”

At a recent movie night at our house, I decided to “try” to play Frownland for Kim and Adam. We didn’t even get through 10 minutes before I turned it off, it’s that off-putting. It’s not really offensive in any way, it’s just extremely hard to watch unless you are by yourself and are interested in lo-fi “mumblecore” style films with very dislikable characters. The characters in Yeast, and in Frownland I should add, are so unlikable that it’s quite a shock to most people. Things don’t really get better as the movie goes on. If you watch Yeast, you’ll probably be ready to kill the main character at the end.

I probably wouldn’t like this film as much as I did if I didn’t know where it came from. Part of the crew and even some extras are the Safdie brothers, who directed Daddy Longlegs and The Pleasure of Being Robbed, both fantastic films. Actually, the film stems from the same Red Bucket Films family tree which I love so much.

So if you’re into Lo-Fi, Indie, DIY, Mumblecore, Dogme 95, or Neorealist cinema, Yeast is a must watch. Other than that, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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