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Weapons of Mass Creation Manifesto

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Weapons of Mass Creation is a celebration of creative visionaries who defy the hand they’re dealt.

What it is:

It’s a two day event in Cleveland, OH on May 22 and 23 that draws comparisons to Austin’s SXSW festival.  The event features art, film, and music, but leans more toward art/graphic design, punk/indie/folk music, and documentary/foreign/arthouse/obscure/cult films.  There’s a big DIY spirit and focus on doing things your way, on your own terms.  We’ll have roundtable discussions about these topics led by industry leaders.

Keywords that describe WMC:

Punk, DIY, folk, hippie, vegan, vegetarian, activist, community, unity, passion, honesty, realism, authentic, unpolished, lo-fi, vintage, vinyl, screen print, arthouse, cinema, guerilla, viral, word of mouth, togetherness, smart, sophisticated, down to earth, not pretentious, purposeful, positive, blue collar, cleveland, make a difference, homegrown, unspoiled, non corporate, creative, graphic design, poster art, friendship

How everyone benefits:

WMC Guests:  VIP treatment, exposure, brand equity, they’re seen as leaders, and trend setters.  They set standards.

Fans:  Low costs, meet/greet, mingle, learn, educate, share, experience the creative atmosphere, unique experience

Cleveland: Earns reputation points, brings leaders from out of state into Cleveland.

Industry as a whole:  Gets  a positive boost, can fix problems, progress by communication

What do I gain?  And Go Media?:  Cool points.  Brand equity, recognized for pioneering a creative event (esp in Cleve).

WMC is not about making money. It’s about building a legacy. The goal of WMC should never directly be tied into a money making stream.  Money earned/raised should pay for the event and it’s VIP guests.  As long as we make enough to keep putting it on and make our guests happy, I’m happy.

Criteria for a VIP WMC:

We are all Weapons of Mass Creation in our own way, but certain individuals stand out from the crowd. When inviting someone to be a VIP WMC, we look for these qualities and characteristics.  We feel confident that these individuals represent and uphold the values of WMC and therefore are inducted into WMC glory.

A VIP WMC is someone who will be performing in a band, screening their film, showing their art, or leading a roundtable discussion.  They are the “stars” of the show.

1. Actively pursue a creative medium such as print media, web, film, or music.
2. Consistently produce high quality and memorable, meaningful work.
3. Do things on your own terms.  Follow your passion.
4. Maintain a positive attitude of togetherness and willingness to support the community.
5. Value honesty, authenticity, hard work, creativity, emotion, and passion.

Current VIP Weapons of Mass Creation

These folks were the first ones to be invited and participated in our September Photoshoot.  Originally these guys were signing up to help us create a really cool ad campaign that offered their endorsement to Go Media and our Arsenal products.  But as we move forward, I see less of a point to market our products and it simply makes more sense for the WMC campaign to market ITSELF.  So expect to see their pretty faces on the Interwebz near you.

Justin Kamerer (Angryblue)

Adelle Charles (Fuel Brand Inc)

Joshua Smibert (Fuel Brand Inc)

Richard Minino (Horsebites)

Mark Weaver

Chad Lenjer (Discordant Art)

Geoff May

George Coghill

Brad Colbow

Dave Garwacke (ifyoumakeit)

Haley Saner (NAH Design)

Nicole Sciacca (NAH Design)

Aaron Sechrist (OK Pants)

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