The Parking Lot Movie

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Kim and I watched The Parking Lot Movie on Instant Watch and it was pretty great. It’s about a small pay parking lot and its rag tag crew of over-educated but underemployed attendants. I started off annoyed with these kids who dress up in costumes and play games in the parking lot to pass the time and it feels kind of intimidating to park there and have these idiots take your money. However as the movie went on I really started to relate to them.

It takes a certain kind of person to sit all day in a small little booth and deal with the general public. The documentary has a kind of punk rock sensibility which I immediately latched on to. It was quite funny watching them deal with rude parkers, suvs, frat boys, drive-offs, and other morons.  I will look at parking lot attendants in a whole new light! And I really wanna try to play a game of flip-cone, where you try to flip a parking cone in a certain way so it stacks onto another.  Fun!


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