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Intrusive Thoughts cover art

New song “Intrusive Thoughts” released

I’m excited to release a new single from my music project Starbound Renegade. The song is titled “Intrusive Thoughts” and it’s about OCD and overthinking. My gf turned me onto some post punk and goth rock and I was inspired…

Just a Sloth on a Mystical Journey

How AI Tools Can Assist You as a Creator

My latest Starbound Renegade single has been released! It’s called Just a Sloth on a Mystical Journey and I used AI tools to help me create it. If you haven’t noticed, AI tools like ChatGPT have been taking the world…

Eagle Spirit Guide

Coincidence? Or a sign of destiny?

This morning I experienced a unique vision in my meditation that was followed up by an odd coincidence (I prefer to call it synchronicity). It led me to feel more confident in following my passions. Before I reveal it too…