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Rare Hands: Palmistry & The Simian Line

My friend took me to a palm reading event on Monday as sort of a birthday present. (Shoutout to my fellow Geminis!)  The palm reader looked at my hands and said I had a “Simian Line”.

She called everyone else over too look at my palms and claimed I was a rare exception to the typical palmistry archetypes. Yes, I am indeed “not of this world!”

That’s not all. I had a simian line on both of my hands. Doubly rare!

Simian Line
Me with simian lines on both palms in 2016

What does a Simian Line mean?

It’s where the head and the heart line are merged into a single line (sometimes called a Simian Crease). This usually means it’s hard to separate logic and feelings. It’s often associated with being a mystic, visionary, guru, or leader (best case) and a socially awkward outcast or crazy person at worst. There are also claims that it’s associated with down syndrome and monkeys. If you have a simian line, you’re either a genius or insane if you believe what you read on the internet. As if I needed yet another reason to think I’m a special!

I haven’t been able to find much satisfying information online. I loved Richard Unger’s book Life Prints but it was more about what your fingerprints tell you about your life and not necessarily the lines. Still cool. My palm reader recommended Kay Packard about reading your palms to decode your life purpose. Makes me want to follow my curiosity and explore palmistry further and see what all the other lines of my palms have to tell me. Fascinating!

Simian Line Diagram

Thoughts and Feelings on the Same Track

What I do know is that I have a very strong heart and strong mind. They really do feel linked. I cannot tolerate working on something that does not actively engage my heart and my mind. I have to feel like it’s aligned with my truth. And what feels true for me is very particular. I find myself driven more by intuition rather than logic but I tend to over analyze and process my feelings mentally. And you all know I love talking about my feelings and my emotional processes!

I found out one of my close friends has a simian line on one of her hands. And see all sorts of incredible markings on other hands I’ve looked at. It’s amazing how different we are and the stories they tell.

Are We Special Beings?

The way I felt after getting “diagnosed” with a simian line was quite uplifted and inspired. To be honest, I really do think I’m a visionary with a purpose in this life. My ego wants to take ownership of this idea and use it to feel special and important. But what feels more true for me is that I am simply a conduit for a bigger purpose that is beyond little ole me. I know that I’m here to bring more love and healing to the planet. To hold space for the shift in human consciousness. To usher in the new world and be a leader in my own unique way. Really, my purpose is just to be true to myself and follow my heart and not what other people say.

I know everyone has their unique purpose, and that’s what is so fun about self discovery and self actualization. You get to tap into your own specialness and super powers. Don’t buy into the notion that you’re not special or worthy. That’s just a lie to keep you from being your full potential.

I’m curious to know if any of my readers has a simian line or is familiar with palmistry. What do your palms say about you?

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  1. I have that line on my dominant right hand too,

    I see things before they happens in dreams and have intuitions and I feel like I live in synchronicity

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I am a double simian as well. I am all of the descriptions and more! I as well found out this over 24 years ago. I have my own metaphysical business, I am an intuitive, specializing in all things metaphysical. It kinda goes hand and hand for me with having two double simian lines on each palm. When I found out it explained soooo much of who I am, and it finally made all of the pieces fit! Great article.

  3. I have the crease on my right and dominant hand. I am a Gemini. Always have been interested what my palm means but I have yet to have a reading.

  4. I have it on both my palms.
    I am super independent (sometimes stubborn). I have leadership skills and started a few businesses. Recently I have became very spiritual. I feel everything and everyone around me. Sometimes I get depressed and think about death but I can’t and do not ever think about suicide. I have always felt like I’m on earth for a purpose.. I still haven’t found out exactly why but I can feel it so I don’t give up on life. I heal those around me and spread positive vibes. I don’t have many friends so I talk to my self often and my guardian angels and I’m always getting signs from them (songs, pictures, videos..etc). I always feel alone but I know I’m not. I’m able to talk to the universe because I know and feel someone is listening to me always. I feel energy. My bestfriend calls me “gods child” because blessings always come my way. I feel protected, mentally and physically. I feel everyone’s energy and sometimes I can read their minds just by looking at their faces.
    I truly believe we are special people.

    • Hello…. Kelly I have simian lines on both hand can we talk ……share listen to each other I feel we could be lot’s of common things …. atleast at hardest time

    • Blessings Kelly,
      I understand how you feel. I too have two simian lines on each of my palms. I have a website and an email I have attached if you ever want to connect. Just let me know. You are not alone, and believe me when I say I get what you are feeling. I’m here if you need a friendly ear that gets it.

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