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In 2013 I started a blog called Maker/Mistaker. What started with me opening up about my depression led to a mind-blowing journey through self-development, spiritual awakenings, astral projection, and healing. I closed the blog in 2016 so I packaged everything up as a book to celebrate that chapter in my life.

“By reading this book, by looking into the soul of another human who wrote down the most wonderful thoughts I have ever read in my life.  And by inspiring me I had the urge to inspire you too. This man is showing me that the true art and spiritual energy of life lays in the little unexplored corners.” – Kimi Peri 


  • 45 Chapters
  • 4 hrs 56 mins
  • MP3 192 kbps

Free Bonus Files Included:

  • Desktop Wallpaper 1920×1080
  • 88 Minute Interview with Starseed & Intuitive Consultant Gigi Young

Background on the Book:

I’ve been a creative person my whole life. I’ve also been super sensitive and intuitive as many artists are. I’ve had a lot of success in my life as a maker, but I still struggled with anxiety and depression. I thought I was living the good life? In 2013, I admitted I was depressed to my business partners and friends. That’s when I started Maker/Mistaker to write about my feelings and philosophies. It turned into a journey of self discovery and personal transformation.

I write about how I worked my way through depression, my meditation techniques, my morning routines and rituals, etc. It includes my take on habit change, personal growth, anxiety, fear, productivity, and spiritual awakening. I even documented my early out-of-body experiences that happened after I began meditating seriously for the first time.  Other cool areas are my Quantum Sphere Healing and Soul Retrieval experiences, which is where I learned I was a Starseed!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Depression & Anxiety

  • What is Maker/Mistaker?
  • Success, Depression, and Awakening
  • Overcoming Depression Part 1
  • Overcoming Depression Part 2
  • Overcoming Depression Part 3
  • The State of Discontent
  • Fear of Making Money
  • The Need to be Liked
  • Let Go of What Other People Think
  • Saying No Without Being Mean
  • Fear of Going to the Gym
  • Resistance to Work
  • Why Do I Sometimes Dread Opening My Email?
  • Our Obsession with Productivity

Part 2: Self Growth

  • 3 Things I Learned by Waking Up Early
  • The Night Owl’s Secret to Waking Up Early
  • My Meditation Practice
  • 41 Signs You Are Sleepwalking Through Life
  • The Cycle of Discontent and Creation
  • Giving Myself Permission to Sleep In
  • How to Get Inspired When You’re Stuck
  • How to Kill Procrastination
  • 5 Tips for a Killer Morning Routine
  • An Outside-the-Box Time Management Technique
  • Morning Routine 2015
  • Digital Detox
  • Why I Quit Coffee
  • Why I am Drinking Coffee Again
  • I’m Quitting Facebook and Going Outside
  • One Year of Waking Up Early

Part 3: Spiritual & Esoteric

  • My First Out of Body Experience
  • My Craziest Out of Body Experience
  • Out of Body Experiences All in Your Head?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Out of Body Experiences
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Am I a Starseed?
  • Quantum Sphere Healing
  • Coincidence or Destiny?

Part 4: Love & Relationships

  • The New Masculine
  • Quit Watching Porn in 30 Days
  • Not Afraid of Love
  • An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships
  • 20 Tips for More Conscious Relationships
  • Is the Fear of “Being Needy” Keeping us Apart?
  • How Sexual Purity Affected Me as a Man


  • The End of Maker/Mistaker
  • Thank You

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