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Empath Patch



In stock

Empath Patch

(50 customer reviews)


The official patch for empaths and highly sensitive people. This goes out to all those who feel the pain and joy of others.

  • Embroidered patc
  • Measures 3″ x 0.87″
  • Merrowed Edge
  • Iron-on adhesive backing

In stock


Shout out to all the healers, lovers, and sensitive souls. Being an empath is sometimes a blessing and a curse. But be proud of who you are nonetheless and own it!

Starseed Supply Co. patches are perfect for spiritual renegades and new age punks. This metaphysical fashion accessory will look great on your denim jacket, jeans, backpack, or laptop bag. Can be applied with a hot iron or fabric glue. Show off your interest in the esoteric and occult with these high quality iron on patches designed by Jeff Finley of Starseed Supply Co.

Additional information

Weight1 oz
Dimensions7 × 3.5 × .2 in

50 reviews for Empath Patch

  1. EmilyBP

  2. sgcomer


  3. Rudy Scala

  4. nilo714

    Great work!

  5. Jen Berlingo

  6. Emma Le Tllc

    The only "empath" patch I can find on internet.

  7. Josh Akery

  8. Gilded Buck

    Love the patches!

  9. Joy Henderson

  10. Rowan

    Very cute patch- thank you so much!

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