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Introducing Maker/Mistaker Sessions – Private 1 on 1 personal development coaching by yours truly.

This is something I’ve thought about for awhile now and I’m finally taking action on it. I want to be your mentor, life coach, or personal development consultant. This is almost entirely offline and private, real-life discussions. One hour with love and focus on YOU and your personal development.

I have found myself in many conversations with people about how to overcome anxiety, fear, doubt, and depression. We are all makers and we love to create, but we tend to live our lives filled with discontent and unease. Why is that? I personally felt like I was living the dream, yet I was getting more and more depressed. My emotions were constantly riding the wave of what others thought of me, or how much money we made.

I want to help you get through your biggest fears and worries. I want to help you identify your true purpose in life and hold you accountable to live it. I want to help you improve your relationships at home and at work. I love to break the surface of everyday discussion and get to the root of why we are stuck, unhappy, confused, tired, and burnt out. I love the intimate conversations and breakthroughs that result.

If you’re interested in a session, give me a shout and we can talk pricing and availability. If you can’t meet me in person anywhere near Cleveland, then we can video chat.

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