We finally recorded some stuff!

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Just finished practice and we have recorded a few things. Nothing is finished yet but we finally were able to test out some recording equipment. Sounds good so far, but still lots of screws to tighten and holes to patch. But everything is coming along great! However, there isn’t anything worth posting for others to hear yet.

We have decided to keep our band a 3 piece of Chris, Eugene, and myself (Jeff). Eugene has decided to take on vocals with vigor and he’s doing awesome. I love it. He’s also playing bass too, a new instrument for him (he’s been a guitar player for years) but he’s so quick to learn it. I have all the faith and confidence in the world in my fellow bandmates. We’re so stoked to finally have something to listen to after our practices.

We’ll spend this next week tightening the screws and really nailing our first song “Hometown Songs.” One thing is for sure, all of our songs will have an undeniable energy to them. I can feel it.

We expect to have at least a 5 song demo out before Christmas.

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