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Today was a really long band practice. From 10-3:30. We recorded a whole bunch more takes of “Hometown Songs” and we’ve determined that it doesn’t have enough energy so we’re going to switch it up a bit. I think it’s for the better.

We also worked on a new song called “Gemma” which was written by the great Dan Haylett (yes the one who upchucked in zero gravity). This song which was first played out at a “stoner rock” pace which didn’t really please anyone, but it was good to get something audible into eachother’s ears. We then suddenly transformed this emotional balland into a hardcore punk song. It was one of the more satisfying things we’ve done so far.

At this point the song is very rough, but it’s full of an undeniable energy. Not bad so far. We will work on tightening things up next week.

We have a few other songs we’re working on but nothing that’s more than 50% done.

Next Week we plan to continue to iron out Hometown Songs and probably tighten the screws on Gemma since it’s such an easy song to remember.

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