My Car Was Broken Into

By May 23, 2006December 3rd, 20115 Comments
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Last Thursday, at work, about a half an hour after I got in, my car was broken into and my car stereo was stolen. Can you believe that? My driver side window was busted out and there was glass everywhere. Mind you I drive a 94 Mazda Protege, so this car isn’t some gem. And what’s worse, is our neighbor saw the whole thing and called the police while it was happening. He was watching from across the street from his window. And he was on the phone with the cops the entire time the burglar was in my car unhooking my stereo. This was right in our driveway, in broad daylight, on a busy street. Nobody stopped him. And get this, the cops didn’t even show up until 7 HOURS later! The neighbor saw the criminal walk casually down the street with my stereo and he was able to get away.

And the cop that did show up just said “Oh that wasn’t my shift” when we asked him where they were 7 hours ago! Cleveland police I tell ya. Always there when you don’t want them, but never there when you need them. So I had to go windowless for three RAINY days. I got a window at a junkyard for $40 bucks and had my awesome Dad install it for free. Thank God I have a cool Dad like that otherwise I would have had to pay $200 just to get a new window installed.

Oh yeah, and I’m out a $300 in-dash MP3 player. Oh well…. I’ve had a rough few months. Just last month, I was robbed of $900 from Paypal. Someone must have had my password. They got into my account, sent $900 to some phony email addresses and Paypal closed my account as a result due to “excessive risk.” And after jumping through all their hoops, I still haven’t been able to get a refund. Paypal continues to deny me. They are a fuckin bullshit organization. I hate them. The way they are set up, they cater to crooks and criminals and stomp on the loyal little guy like myself. I’ve been a very active member for 6 years, with a great track record too. And Paypal locks my account and says fuck you. Ugh.

Oh well, my birthday is coming up on June 6th. That just means I have to pass e-check on my beater car and get my license plate renewed. But I will most likely get rejected because my muffler has been broken for months now. That’s why it’s so incredibley loud and annoying. I need a new car. Where’s the love?

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